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By Jessika
It was great! Perfect size, great price and it arrived after just a few days. I recently went to Europe and I brought it everywhere. Really great product!
By Dave
Super fast shipping
By justin
was a snug fit the first use, but after that it has worked great everytime i have used it

Going In Style Adapter Plug Europe France Italy Spain

Item #: 22

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Europe adapter plug converts America USA China and Australia nongrounded appliances to be used in the Continental Europe (but not England UK Britain)

European travel adapter plugs do not change the voltage; they only change the pin configuration of the adaptor to the Continental Europe round pin format. These non grounded 2 pin adapter plugs are needed because electrical wall outlets around the world differ in shape and size. USA style plugs will NOT fit into many of the wall outlets around the world and a power plug adapter is needed for travel anywhere in Europe.

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