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  • Design Go Travel Wallet w/ Clip

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Travel Clip Pouch is a convenient accessible security wallet that clips inside trousers with no pockets needed.

Design Go Travel Wallet w/ Clip Features:
  • Clip on hideaway pouch
  • Fits inside trouser waistband
  • No pockets required
  • Safe discreet and accessible
  • Approx size: 2 3/4 x 4 3/4"
  • Style # 30362

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by Traveling Man
on 4/5/2013
Great Item
I found this item while browsing travel items in Asia. I love it! I used it to carry my ID card, credit cards, cash and copy of my passport; it worked well for me. I have one small disappoint-ment about its con-struction: the zipper broke and fell off the slide(?). I don't fault poor con-struction, I think I just "overused" it. ha ha I will be ordering more soon. Thanks for this innovative product!
by Beth
on 3/15/2013
Can't live without it
I bought three of these initially to give as gifts and for myself for a trip. I decided not to give them away, I use mine every day and have stopped carrying a purse. If I need lipstick or something else, I'll figure it out. This is a must have for anyone traveling. It's unobtrusive, comfortable, secure, and I can get everything I need to carry in it. Not bad for a girl who used to get back aches from all the stuff I carried in my purse!! Who needs it?
by Sandra
on 2/16/2013
the best!
I bought two of these at an airport in Europe a few years ago - when I took my Mom on a trip. We LOVE them. As others have said in their reviews, they are great for taking a few credit cards and a drivers licence, a bit of cash and even a few coins. You can clip it anywhere - the clip is the strongest, most secure one I have ever seen. It's great for going out rollerblading or to the gym. Can't recommend it highly enough!
by Robin
on 12/19/2011
Design GO Travel Wallaet with Clip
I bought this item 5 years ago on a cruise and definitely say this is a must have item for anyone. I use it all the time and it is wonderful, especially for travel. I put credit cards, money, room keys, etc. in it, clip to the inside of my pants, securely hidden from anyone....and ready to go.
by Diane
on 5/20/2010
Changed travel for me.
I discovered these about five years ago when planning a trip to Europe with my husband and four teenagers. We were traveling in August, and I wanted the security as well as something that didn't have to be carried or hung over shoulders in the heat. These were perfect. They fit inside the girls' tightest jeans and inside the waist of my lightest skirts. The cloth covered clip that goes over the outside (wallet stays inside clothes) is small enough not to be unobtrusive and the flat part of the wallet is against skin or underlayer. The kids used them to go to the gym (as mentioned above) when we got back to the city, and my son's lasted through a four month summer trip through India more recently. I've dwelled on the comfort issue, but of course there's nothing else like the security. You can put a drivers license, a couple of credit card and ATM cards, a small copy of your passport, your large bills and a transportation ticket in there and it still lays flat. You can keep some small bills and change in your pocket if you want. I don't always have pockets so I just keep everything in there and pull it out of my waist as easily. The whole family continues to travel extensively and this is the one convenience we can't go without. I find myself ordering them often because we give them to friends headed on long journeys. My FAVORITE travel discovery by a long shot.
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