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By Evin
These are fun and ideal for small bathrooms. Also good to bring with you when traveling since toothbrush holders are uncommon in hotels/inns. The trick to using this is to hold the handle of the toothbrush in one hand and with the other hand open/close the flipper feature. If you use both hands to open, the toothbrush falls.

Flipper Animal Travel Toothbrush Holder Set

Item #: 4274


Flipper Animal Travel Toothbrush Holder features a suction cupped, hygienic toothbrush storage flips open & closes with one-touch. This travel toothbrush holder mounts on tiles, mirrors or glass. Comes in set of two.

Kid’s Toothbrush Holder Features
  • Step 1: Find a smooth, flat surface (preferably on mirror or glass) which you’d like to place your toothbrush. Moisten the Flipper’s suction cups and press them firmly against the surface.
  • Step 2: With your index finger, reach under the Flipper flap and then push the 2 halves apart, until they remain in an open position.
  • Step 3: Now, holding the toothbrush by its handle, insert the toothbrush head right into open body.
  • Step 4: Presses against the back of the 2 halves and it will automatically snap shut. Your toothbrush now hangs freely from the Flipper.
  • Step 5: To remove your toothbrush, hold onto the toothbrush handle and pull it towards you. The Flipper will automatically pop open to release the toothbrush head!
  • Material PVC, ABS
  • Dimension L45 x W53 x H95 mm
  • Weight approx. 26 grams


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