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Going In Style has curated the top travel accessories that you will need for going on safari, nature adventure, business travel and cruises around the globe.


Journey Africa and set your sights on the breathtaking wild life such as the black maned lion, the gentle mountain gorillas, and elephants taking mudbaths in the hot midday sun.

Safari - Casual, comfortable wash-and-wear clothing is most useful for a safari trip. You'll want lots of handy pockets and basics for layering. Keep your luggage to a minimum and don't forget your sun hat! There are various options for your safari. You can travel as part of a small group, or follow your own private itinerary; game viewing from an open vehicle, tracking game on foot or maybe a mixture of some of these. Do some research, decide what's the best fit for you and enjoy your new adventure!

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Gear up for the adventure of a lifetime, whether you are participating in the green eco tourism of Costa Rica, backpacking through Europe or bike riding through Northern Ireland, Going In Style has the gear to keep you comfortable and dry while not packing too much.

Gear for a safe, low maintenance journey. Going In Style has the travel accessories for lightweight and efficient packing. Lightweight, quick dry materials, solar lanterns for illumination and first aid kits are some of the adventure travel must haves. Shop performance accessories that will keep you on the move.

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Traveling for business can be invaluable to the company,from meeting with clients, employee training to event and conferences. Going In Style has the travel accessories to make your trip comfortable.

From in-flight comfort to efficient packing, shop travel accessories that will keep you organized and on point. Avoid jet lag with the popular No Jetlag homeopathic tablets and get a comfortable rest with Komfort Kollar Neck Pillows. Remove wrinkles from your business clothes with a travel clothes steamer and remove spots with Janie Stick Spot Remover. No matter how long you will be staying for business, Going In Style has the products to make the trip enjoyable.

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Have fun in the sun when you vacation to Hawaii, Bali, Jamaica or Puerto Rico. You'll be relaxing and having a blast when traveling to the world's hottest spots.

Sunshine can feel great and give you a vitamin D boost, but you also want to protect your skin, eyes and hair from harsh UV rays. Pack a wide brim hat for walking on the beach or reading a book poolside. A floppy hat will protect your eyes and face from the sun. When vacationing to tropical destinations you're going to want to keep it cool and comfortable for a relaxing getaway.

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A boat cruise can be a relaxing way to see several hot spot travel destinations in a short amount of time. On a cruise ship all of your amenities will be taken care of; you won't need to plan meals, or itenerary. You can just relax and let the cruise ship do the trekking.

Going In Style has your must pack travel accessories for cruising. A daytime backpack or Note: Be sure to inquire about hefty internet usage rates onboard if you decide to bring your laptop. Extension cords and power strips are good options for limited outlets in the cabins.

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Backpacks, totes, RFID security, laptop bags and garment bags are not just for vacations, you can use these in your everyday life.

Organization is key! Packing cubes & folders are your best friends. Arrive feeling put together for an easy breezy journey. Whether you need to make your commute more efficient, you need toiletries for the gym, or you are taking a quick weekend trip to visit your family, Going In Style has the accessories for you.

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