Briggs & Riley Sympatico Large Expandable Spinner Model SU130CXSP

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Briggs & Riley® Sympatico Large Expandable Spinner is the luggage for those who refuse to leave any travel accessory behind. Pack more with CX expansion system. 

Briggs & Riley® Sympatico Large Expandable Spinner has a Briggs & Riley® manufacturer lifetime guarantee.

Briggs & Riley® Sympatico Large Expandable Spinner Features:

  • Dimensions 30" x 20" x 12" / 76 cm x 51 cm x 30.5 cm
  • Weight 13.5 lbs / 6.1 kg
  • Capacity 6720 - 8400 cu. in / 110.1 - 137.7 liters
  • Material high strength Makrolon polycarbonate
  • Style #SU130CXSP Sympatico Collection

Briggs and Riley Large Expandable Spinner will fit all your travel essentials for your week long getaway. The Large Expandable Spinner is the bag for those who refuse to leave anything behind. Not only can you pack everything on your travel wish list and still have room for souvenirs, but you can also rely on the supreme durability of the Makrolon® polycarbonate case to protect all your contents. Need even more room? The Briggs & Riley CX™ system expands for 25% more space, then compresses to original size. Coordinates perfectly with a soft Sympatico companion piece. Perfect for a 5 - 8 day trip. Large Expandable Spinner from the sympatico collection is available in colors Onxy (Black), Fire (Red) and Bronze.

Large Expandable Luggage features a built in suiter to keep suits and garments secure, minimizing wrinkling during transit. Suitcase also has SX Expansion compression system that increases packing capacity then compresses to original size to keep content secure. 70/30 top lid opening allows bag to be packed like a traditional suitcase on a luggage rack. 

Built in TSA friendly combination lock secures the content of your luggage. Please navigate to the Product Troubleshooting area of our FAQ page for step by step instructions on how to set your personal combination dial on your Sympatico Spinner. Note: this bag does not ship with a key- the keyhole is for TSA agent access only. Shop All Briggs & Riley Luggage

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About Briggs & Riley Sympatico Collection 

Sympatico is a coordinated collection that combines hard spinner cases with soft companion pieces. Take them together and get rolling or remove one and conveniently carry it with you.

Please  navigate to our How To Set Your Sympatico Lock  page for step by step instructions on how to set your personal combination dial on your Sympatico Spinner. Note: this bag does not ship with a key- the keyhole is for TSA agent access only.

Sympatico Collection Now Features CX Technology Briggs & Riley Video

Sympatico Collection CX Technology Spotlight Briggs & Riley Video

What Inspires Briggs & Riley Video

Lifetime Gaurantee Briggs & Riley Video

Lifetime Gaurantee Briggs & Riley Video

Briggs & Riley® has a LIFETIME GUARANTEE

Briggs & Riley® brand believes that customers are family. When you are family you do what is right. Briggs & Riley® lives by the philosophy that customers are family and should lookout for one another and that is why Briggs & Riley® offers a lifetime repair guarantee on all their bags. If your Briggs & Riley® bag is ever broken or damaged, even if the airline caused the damage, Briggs & Riley® will repair your bag free of charge. To Briggs & Riley® "lifetime guarantee" is more than a marketing strategy; its a sigh of their integrity. Review your Briggs & Riley repair options at

Briggs & Riley® PHILOSOPHY

Briggs & Riley® bags are engineered for reality and knows that when your traveling, your luggage can mean the difference between a frantic trip or a relaxed trip. Briggs & Riley® listens to its customers, who are using the products and design bags for their customers' real world needs.A handle mounted on the outside of a bag to create more room and flat packing. A pocket to hold toiletries or safeguard your passport. An expansion system that adds capacity then compresses your belongings securely in place. In fact, we have multiple patents designed to make travel, well, easier. It ’s innovative thinking like this – never for innovation’s sake – that sets Briggs & Riley® apart. Now combine all that with the only unconditional lifetime guarantee in the business. It’s no wonder our customers are nothing short of Fanatical about our bags. Read more about Briggs & Riley's Philosophy at

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How To Pack To Avoid Wrinkled Clothing Sonia's Travels Travel Tips Video

Briggs and Riley Sympatico Large Spinner gives you the tools for packing your clothing without wrinkles. Going In Style recommends this travel tips video from Sonia's Travels offering tips and tricks how to pack your wardrobe and avoid those dreaded wrinkles.

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