Briggs & Riley Laundry Bag Model W61-4

Briggs & Riley Laundry Bag Model W61-4

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Everyone needs a place to store dirty laundry when they travel. Briggs and Riley® Laundry Bag is made from high quality nylon and has a drawstring closure. 

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Laundry Bag has a Briggs and Riley® manufacturer lifetime guarantee.

Laundry Bag Features:

  • Dimensions 21" x 15.5" / 53.3 cm x 39.4 cm
  • Weight 0.2 lbs / 0.1 kg
  • Material nylon
  • Model W61-4 Briggs & Riley® Laundry Bag

Laundry is a fact of life. Just tuck our high quality nylon laundry bag in your luggage to keep soiled garments separate from clean. This travel accessory features a drawstring top closure for easy packing and securing of garments. Briggs & Riley® Laundry Bag is available in the color black.

Whether you plan to wash you laundry in the sink, send your laundry to be laundered by the hotel you stay at, or simply wash all your laundry when you arrive home, a laundry bag is a must have. Separating dirty laundry from clean laundry when traveling doesn't have to be a chore. Simply throw your dirty laundry in the nylon drawstring laundry bag to secure your dirty laundry and keep it separate from your clean clothes.

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Briggs & Riley® has a LIFETIME GUARANTEE

Briggs & Riley® brand believes that customers are family. When you are family you do what is right. Briggs & Riley® lives by the philosophy that customers are family and should lookout for one another and that is why Briggs & Riley® offers a lifetime repair guarantee on all their bags. If your Briggs & Riley® bag is ever broken or damaged, even if the airline caused the damage, Briggs & Riley® will repair your bag free of charge. To Briggs & Riley® "lifetime guarantee" is more than a marketing strategy; its a sigh of their integrity. Review your Briggs & Riley repair options at

Briggs & Riley® PHILOSOPHY

Briggs & Riley® bags are engineered for reality and knows that when your traveling, your luggage can mean the difference between a frantic trip or a relaxed trip. Briggs & Riley® listens to its customers, who are using the products and design bags for their customers' real world needs.A handle mounted on the outside of a bag to create more room and flat packing. A pocket to hold toiletries or safeguard your passport. An expansion system that adds capacity then compresses your belongings securely in place. In fact, we have multiple patents designed to make travel, well, easier. It ’s innovative thinking like this – never for innovation’s sake – that sets Briggs & Riley® apart. Now combine all that with the only unconditional lifetime guarantee in the business. It’s no wonder our customers are nothing short of Fanatical about our bags. Read more about Briggs & Riley's Philosophy at

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