Scrubba Travel Laundry Bag
Using Scrubba Bag to Wash Dirty Laundry
Scrubba Bag Ready to Be Used
Scrubba Bag Folded Up For Packing
Inside of Scrubba Bag with Grip Circles

Scrubba Wash Bag

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Light and compact “Washing Machine” that fits inside your pocket. Simply fill the bag with clothes, water and detergent. Rub the bag for few minutes, and rinse! The flexible washboard provides machine quality wash.

Scrubba Travel Wash Bag Features:

  • Grip circles on outside to prevent sliding
  • Scrubba nobules inside to clean clothes
  • Weight 5 oz
  • Dimensions 21.3" X 12.6" X 0.2"
  • Color Green
  • Style #SWB100

Save money on laundry while you stay in hotels. Scrubba portable washing machine is perfect for business travelers, backpackers, hikers, campers and bikers. Folds to a pocket size bag and is lightweight, weighing just 5 ounces so its easy to pack and not heavy to carry. Internal washboard to get your clothes extra clean and smelling fresh.

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