Travel Fabric Shaver TravelSmart by Conair

Get the perfect pill free, fuzz free wardrobe while traveling with the Travel Fabric Shaver by Conair. Perfect for business travel, the Fabric Shaver is lightweight and easy to pack in your carry on or checked suitcase.  The Fabric Shaver runs on 2 AA batteries and has a removable refuse compartment that is easy to clean.  Keep your clothes looking brand new by removing any pills, threads or fuzz from your garments.

Travel Fabric Shaver Features:

  • Runs on 2 AA batteries (not included)
  • Dimensions 3.75  2.5" X 1.75
  • Removes pills, threads and fuzz
  • Model #TS800LR

Our Travel Fabric Shaver gets rid of tacky pilling and balling on your favorite sweaters and makes them look new again. Protected blades shave off pills and fuzz safely. See-through lint trap shows you how well it works and is removable for easy disposal.

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