Birthday Combination 5-Dial Lock TSA Approved Design Go
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Birthday Combination 5-Dial Lock TSA Approved Design Go

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Birthday 5-Dial Combination Lock uses a date you can't forget to set your combo.  Set the combination as your birthday or a loved ones birthday using the two digit day, month, and two digit year.  Also can use special dates such as graduations and anniversaries. Travel Sentry Logo lets TSA know that the lock is TSA approved - TSA personal have a master tool to override the combination.   

Available in color Purple

  • Weight 2.5 oz
  • Dimensions 2" X 2.5" (including shank)
  • Style #355

This innovative combination padlock uses a memorable date or birthday as its 5 dial combination. By using a code you are unlikely to forget, this 'first of its kind' travel padlock is as memorable as it is original. TSA accepted for travel in America, this birthday luggage lock works with special occasions, dates of birth and anniversaries, to name but a few.

Birthday Combination 5-Dial TSA Approved Lock ships with a default date of 01JAN00 - you can reset the date yourself at anytime. First ensure that the set indicator is visible when setting the date.

To Set the Date:

1) Rotate shank 90 degrees clockwise

2) Hold shank down

3) Rotate shank another 90 degrees clockwise

4) Set new date

5) Rotate shank 180 degrees counter-clockwise, relock.

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