Contoured Travel Sleep Mask
Design Go Contoured Travel Sleep Mask in Grey
Sleep Mask Has Wide Headband for Comfort
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Contoured Travel Sleep Mask

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Super silky, contoured travel eye mask from Bucky has a soft dome shape that provides maximum comfort without adding pressure to your eyelids. Soft, silky material and the elastic headband eliminates light for a deep, restful sleep wherever you are. Sleep soundly and comfortably even when you are on the road, away from the comforts of home. Elastic headband is one size fits most and fits comfortably around your head - pair that with super soft, silky fabric and mask that contours to your face and you have a super comfortable eye mask for travel.

Contoured  Bucky Travel Sleep Mask Features:

  • Dimensions 23.6" x 2.9" x 0.6"
  • Weight 0.6 ox
  • Material Eva, Nylon, Polyester
  • Silky feeling material
  • Elastic comfort fit headband
  • Hand wash
  • Style # 726

An elegantly different sleeping mask that allows eyes to breathe freely with its thermo formed domed shape whilst blocking out that unwanted light. Lightweight, easy to wash and barely takes up any room in your carry on luggage or handbag. Contoured Travel Sleep Mask makes the perfect travel accessory. Grab some shut eye on your flight any time of day even if it is daylight. Luxury contoured sleep mask wont disturb your eye makeup. Sleep mask will block out unwanted light. Mask's super silky fabric is elegant and feels good when wearing. Sleep mask has a wide elastic headband that keeps your eyemask in place even when moving around in your sleep.

Block out unwanted light and guarantee a good night's sleep with this luxury contoured eye mask. Made from a light, breathable material, the eye mask's unique domed shape offers maximum comfort for the eyes. The silky fabric is both elegant and effortlessly comfortable, while the elasticated headband keeps the eye mask in place.

Please hand wash your Bucky Contoured Travel Sleep Mask with care.

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