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Travel Phrasebook - German Language Guide

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Speedy Language Guidebooks for International language translation may not have you talking like a native, but you will be able to ask for what you need. Small enough to tuck in a pocket with a unique tabbed index to help you quickly find the words you want with a quick flip of the German Speedy Phrasebook.

German Speedy Phrasebook Features:

  • Dimensions 5.5" x 3.5"
  • Weight 1 oz
  • Phrasebook includes basic phrases, small talk
  • Comes inside its own plastic sleeve
  • Model #sp101g

Speak German when you travel to Germany with the handy German flip style phrasebook. Flip book lets you quickly find the phrase you are looking for. Topics include dining out, how to find the bathroom, hospital and health. Complete with a handy bag.

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