Bouffant Shower Cap Patterns Spa Sister


Fully lined, oversized, Bouffant Shower Cap, with cinched elastic edging will keep your locks and tresses tucked away and dry as you shower or bathe. 100% cotton outer layer and vinyl waterproof inner layer. Spa Sister Bouffant Shower Cap is available in patterns Shoes and Traveler.

Bouffant Shower Cap Patterns from Spa Sister Features:

  • Material 100% cotton outer and vinyl inner
  • Waterproof oversized
  • Color patterns Shoes and Traveler
  • Style #83032PSS

World Traveler pattern features the Eifle Tower, Leaning Tower of Pisa, and a cute old fashion suitcase in adorable purple, teal and green colors with a poka dot background. Shoe Fashionista design is has a grey and white zig-zag background and features high heel shoes with bows in colors purple, yellow, red, blue and a cute pink accent color.

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