Two Packs of Dissolving Travel Shampoo Sheets in Yellow Cases by Travelon
Travelon Shampoo Dissolving Sheets in Yellow Plastic Container
Shaving Sheets and Shampoo Sheets in Plastic Containers

Dissolving Shampoo Sheets Set of Two

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TSA approved non-liquid travel Shampoo Sheets! No spilling and no bottles to deal with. Just run the sheets under water and they will foam up instantly. Compact and lightweight, 50 Hair Shampoo Sheets will save you lots of room since you don't have to pack your liquid hair shampoo.  Dry hair Shampoo Sheets will dissolve instantly once you add water and you can then shampoo your hair as you usually do.  Travelon Hair Shampooing Sheets are biodegradable - great for eco tourism! Now you can have clean, great smelling, shiny, healthy hair no matter where your travels take you.

Dissolving Travel Hair Shampoo Sheets Travel Pack Features:

  • 2 Packs of Hair Shampoo sheets
  • 50 sheets per pack - 100 sheets total
  • Dimensions 0.5" X 1.75" X 2.75"
  • Biodegradable
  • Style # 4385

First remove a sheet from the pack with a clean dry hand, then, just add water to your Hair Shampooing Sheet and you can wash and lather your hair like normal.  Travel size Shampoo Sheets work on oily hair and normal hair.  Easy to pack, lightweight and easy to travel with, Hair Shampoo Soap Sheets are a convenient way to keep your hair looking shiny and clean even when traveling far from home. More convenient than a shampoo bar since you don't have to wait for the bar to dry out and shampoo sheets take up less room and weigh less than a shampoo soap bar.  Travel Fresh® with Shampoo Sheets. Packing hair shampoo for a flight or camping trip has never been easier than with these sheets. Each package holds 50 sheets and is so compact and portable it will fit in your pocket. Shampoo Sheets come with its own shampoo dispenser case in the color yellow so it is easy to spot amongst your other toiletries. Simply add water and the sheets dissolve into a fresh, great smelling hair shampoo. Not subject to 3-1-1 and biodegradable. After you shampoo your hair with Travelon Dissolving Shampoo Sheets you can use Travelon Dissolving Conditioner Sheets for super soft hair. Bring your shampoo and conditioner dissolving soap sheets with you when you travel for the best hair care on the go.

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