Ozium Air Spray Sanitizer and Odor Neutralizer

Ozium Air Sanitizing Spray

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Ozium Air Sanitizing Spray will neutralize bad odors from smoke, bathroom odors and mildew and more.  Ozium Spray was originally developed to fight airborne bacteria and germs in hospitals and health care facilities. Ozium Air Spray will eliminate odors caused by smoke, mildew and more.  Great to keep in your car to keep your car smelling fresh and new.  Keep Ozium in the kitchen in case you burn something or when cooking smelly food such as fish and garlic.  Ozium is a great spray to keep in your bathroom.  Air Spray works my neutralizing bad odors, not just covering up bad odors.

Ozium Air Sanitizing Spray Features:

  • Reduces bacteria count in air
  • Eliminates problem odors
  • 3.5 oz

Ozium is not a fragrance product that just masks odors. It is a glycolized action air sanitizer that cleans the air you breathe. Ozium works by dispensing micron sized particles that linger in the air and attach to airborne bacteria and odors to drastically reduce air pollution while purifying the air. Eliminates problem odors from smoke and mildew in hotel rooms, bathrooms and even suitcases. Great for traveling as you never know what odors you might encounter.

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