SaniSquares Germ Barriers and Paper Shower Combo Set

SaniSquares Disposable Germ Barriers and Paper Shower Combo Kit will keep you feeling clean and fresh while away from the comforts of your own home.  Sani Squares offers you a clean,dry, germ free surface anywhere you go.  Paper Showers is a wet towelette and dry towelette system that will freshen you up after exercising or after a long day of sightseeing.

Stay clean and feeling refreshed while on the road or at the gym with the SaniSquare and Paper Shower Combo Kit.

SaniSquares and Paper Showers GIS Combo Kit Features:

  • 6 pack of SaniSquares and 1 Paper Shower Wet Dry Towelette
  • Sanisquares has 2 changing squares dimensions 19" X 19" and 4 small universal squares dimensions 14" X 14"
  • Paper Shower is unscented Dimensions 9" X 12"

SaniSquares Disposable Germ Barriers allow you to have a clean, sanitary surface everywhere you go. One pack of Sani Squares has a total of six sanitary germ barriers - 2 diaper changing / floor mat size and 4 smaller squares for head rest or to set your purse down. Always keep a SaniSquare with you for diaper changing, bathroom floor mat, gym locker rooms, movie theater seats, hotel rooms and baby car seats. Large squares are the perfect size for a travel disposable shower floor mat. Fungus, bacteria and viruses can live on airplane chairs and bathroom floors. Avoid getting a sick or getting a fungal infection by placing SaniSquare on the bathroom floor before you step on the floor with your bare feet.

SaniSquares are made of a soft, waterproof cotton material that provides comfort, fluid protection, and a sanitary barrier for people on the go. Whether you are attending a sporting event right after work, changing clothes in an exercise facility, or in airport restrooms: Sani Squares are the answer!


SaniSquares are packaged in small and large sizes. The large disposable squares are specially designed for those on the go who change clothes in public places. The large squares have a non slip feature that allow you to safely, yet quickly, change your clothes.The small squares are designed to protect your personal items in places such as hotel vanities and exercise facilities. They can also be used for sanitary protection on airplane headrests and pillows, as well as headrest protection in public settings such as theaters...or anywhere a sanitary shield is needed!Also avoid fungal infections of the scalp, tinea capitis, that can be transferred by sharing pillows. Tinea capitis fungal spores can spread easily and can live on objects such as cushions and headrests for months.




  1. Unfold Large Sani-Square (mat) and apply to floor
  2. Do not flush - dispose of Sani-Square in a waste container


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