First Aid BlisterMedic Relief for Feet

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Pocket sized Medical Kits for Feet contain essential first aid supplies for blisters. Watertight, resealable, plastic pouches are perfect for anyone traveling on foot, by bus, plane, train, or automobile. Foot Care First Aid Kit comes in an easy to open, quick tear, pouch so you can access your foot care blister Moleskin as soon as you need it.

Foot Care Medical Kit Features:

  • Dimensions 4.75" X 6.75"
  • Weight 2.5 oz
  • 24 Adhesive Dressings
  • Style # 600

The Blister Medic is the best of both worlds, combining the tried-and-true protection and blister prevention of Moleskin with the advanced relief and healing of Glacier Gel™ hydrogel dressings. Alcohol pads for skin preparation and antiseptic towelettes for wound cleaning round out the package.

BlisterMedic is a complete first aid kit for your feet.  No scissors needed, moleskin is pre-cut and shaped already.  Includes alcohol wipes and antiseptic towelettes plus foot care information pamphlet. Foot Treament Care Kit contains super soft adhesive Moleskin to cover blisters and hot spots.  Kit also has FlacierGel steril dressing for blisters, burns and scrapes that are waterproof and breathable and immediately relieves pain. 

Prevent Blisters from Forming Moleskin immediately reduces friction, keeping hot spots from developing into blisters. Leave the Scissors at Home 11 die-cut moleskin pieces per sheet, each specifically shaped to fit common blister areas. No scissors required! Relieve Pain Instantly GlacierGel blister dressings stop pain and start the healing process on contact. Disinfect Wounds Included antiseptic wipes disinfect open blisters to keep infections at bay.

Blister Medic Foot Care Medical Kit Travel Video

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