Woman Reading Book While Wearing Gearhead LED Headlamp Light

Gearhead LED Headlamp Light

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Gearhead LED Lighted Headlamp allows you to see hands free whether you are hiking, biking, reading or walking your dog. Very bright LED light gives off 75 lumens of light and has 40 hours of battery life. Energy efficient LED bulb last 100,000 hours and light cast an even white beam through your field of vision. Flashlight function can be set to either Low, High or Flashing setting.  Head lamp light tilts to direct light where you need to go.  Take your flashlight headlamp with you camping, backpacking on traveling.  Requires Two AA Batteries - batteries offer 40 hours of life on low and 6 hours of life on high.

Gearhead LED Headlamp Light Features:

  • Weight 2.2 oz
  • Dimensions 2.5" X 2.5" X 1.5"
  • Battery operated two AA


You’re an outdoor enthusiast, and you know all about the Ten Essentials. What you didn’t know, however, is how cool #4 (illumination) could be. Introducing the GearHead LED Headlamp. Whether you’re camping, backpacking, hiking, or spelunking, Mighty Bright’s GearHead LED Headlamp provides simple hands-free, targeted LED illumination. The GearHead is uncomplicated yet powerful, casting a high-quality beam of white LED light up to 50 meters. With high and low brightness settings, the GearHead allows you to see far into the distance – or simply around the campsite. A flashing setting turns the campsite into an impromptu nightclub for when you run out of ghost stories. The GearHead’s thick, adjustable headband securely holds the light in place, and its tilting light head allows you to direct the light precisely where needed. Simple, affordable, and uncompromisingly bright – the functional GearHead casts hands-free illumination. Because everyone knows it’s better to grab the rope with both hands!