Torch Flashlight Travel Pocket Light Design Go

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LED 9 Torch Flashlight is a must have compact pocket light to have in your arsenal of tools. Keep the flashlight with you in your car, truck, glove box, tool box, backpack, camping gear or purse.  The Design Go Pocket Torch is an elegant, purse sized powerful 3 watt aluminum LED torch flashlight, with a sleek satin finish. Sensually designed, robust yet still discrete.

Ships in various colors - please leave a note at checkout if you have a special color request Red - Black - Blue.

Design Go Torch Flashlight Pocket Light Features:

  • LED 3 Watt Aluminum Body
  • Dimensions 3" X 0.75 "
  • Battery operated one AAA (included)
  • Ships in various colors
  • Style # 740 - 831


9 LED Torch Mini Flashlight a competitively priced, compact flashlight that will out perform many larger and more expensive torches in this popular sector. The super bright beam with its exceptionally long throw is driven by 9 powerful LED bulbs. A convenient on/off switch is located in the base of the product, which also houses a handy removable wrist strap attachment. Wrist strap means you don't have to worry about dropping your flashlight when you are looking around in your car, going for an evening walk or looking for a lost eye contact lens.