Luggage Scale Stop N Lock Hand Held Travelon

Analog Luggage Scale is a hand held device for weighing you luggage and travel accessories before you leave to the airport so you can avoid overweight luggage fees. Portable and compact luggage scale can travel with you on your trip to make sure you didn't buy too much to make your luggage overweight.  If you luggage is overweight you can reorganize your luggage by putting heavier items in your carryon or by wearing a heavy jacket or sweater instead of packing it in your suitcase. Metal luggage scale is durable and will last you for many travels. Stop N Lock Luggage Scale is easy to use - luggage scale weighs the bag then locks the scale in place so you can set the heavy suitcase down before you read the scale.  You don't have to struggle to read the scale while holding a 50 pound piece of luggage in the air. Scale is easy to reset so you can weigh your next piece of luggage.

Travelon Hand Held Stop 'N Lock Luggage Scale Features:

  • Dimensions 2" X 3" X 4.5"
  • Size Open 1.5" X 3.25" X 9.5"
  • Weight 1.6 oz
  • Material Metal and Plastic

The Stop-N-Lock Luggage Scale from Travelon allows for a simple affordable solution to eliminate pre-trip packing guesswork and hefty oveweight luggage fees. This easy to use luggage scale has a patented stop and lock feature. Two hands track the weight of the bag and the second hand stops and locks at that weight so you can set the suitcase down to read the dial. It also ncludes a tape measure to also ensure bags are not oversized. Take it with you on your trip to ensure you don't tip the scales on your way back.

Over time this Stop N Lock Luggage Scale will pay for itself by avoiding oversize baggage fees. Also prevents you from having to repack and reorganize your suitcase on the floor at the airport.

Don't forget to check the dimensions of your luggage with a tape measure.  Airlines have luggage size requirements and each airline has a different set of luggage size requirements.  Check with your airline before you fly to make sure your luggage is not too large. 

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