Multi Bag Stacker Travelon

Travelon's multi stacking bag accessory helps those travelers with extra bags hold multiple bags with ease. This strap can hold a couple bags together so that you can move all your luggage without too much fuss. Toting all your luggage at once has never been so easy, whether you are taking a long international trip, or need to bring an extra suitcase for work related items, the Multi Bag Stacker from Travelon will make traveling with a lot of bags easy.

Travelon Multi Bag Stacker Features:

  • Weight 2 oz
  • Adjustable Dimensions 1.5" X 2.5" X 6" to 1.25" X 2.25" X 31.25
  • Material Nylon
  • Style # 4234

Comfortabley pull up to four suitcases with just one hand when you use the Travelon Multi Stacking Bag Accessory.  Multi Stacker attaches and detaches easily and quickly.  Great travel accessory for family trips when you need to carry children's luggage as well as your own. Impress your family by carrying your spouse's bag, your mother-in-law bag and your own suitcase all at once.

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