Cocoon Traveler's Tree Mens Silk Pajama Set

Luxurious and super soft Mens Travel Premium Quality Pyjama Set from cocoon is made of 55% Silk and 45% Egyptian Cotton.  Mens PJs are extremely lightweight and breathable.  Silk is a great fabric for warm or cold weather. Silk and Egyptian Cotton blend pajamas come with its own mesh drawstring travel bag.  These pajamas are not only incredibly comfortable but also pack up into a 2 inch by 4.5 inch by 5.5 inch travel bag and barely take up any room in your luggage.  Long pajama adventure wear set you can take with you anywhere. Men's travel pajamas have a pirate back.

Cocoon Traveler's Tree Men's Silk Pajama Set Features:

  • Packing dimensions 1.2" X 4.7" X 5.5"
  • Weight 5 to 10 oz depending on size
  • Material 55% Silk and 45% Egyptian Cotton
  • Style # SCMP24

About Silk

Silk is a natural fabric that is soft, lightweight and breathable. Silk is a very hypo allergenic fabric so if you have sensitive skin silk is a great pajama option. Silk is an all climate fabric so whether you are traveling to a hot humid climate or a cold temperature climate your Cocoon Traveler's Tree Men's Pajama Set will fit the bill. Highly absorbent and fast drying, silk will absorb sweat and wick it away so you will feel comfortable even when sleeping in a hot room. With the ability to absorb up to 30% of its weight in moisture, silk will absorb your perspiration and still not feel damp.

Washing and Care Instructions for Your Cocoon Traveler's Tree Men's Silk Pyjama Long Set

Do not use bleach.  Do not expose to prolong sun exposure because the sun will bleach the fabric. Going In Style recommends you hand wash your silk pajama set to prolong its life. Use a gentle non-alkaline soap such as baby shampoo - Going In Style recommends you use Forever New Laundry Soap to wash you silk pjs. Do not soak your silk pajamas in water.  Gently agitate and massage the fabric.  After washing rinse your pajamas in lukewarm or cold water with a little bit of white vinegar.  White vinegar will help neutralize hard water and dissolve any left over soap.

To dry do not wring or twist pajamas.  Gently roll your pajamas in a towel such as a micro fiber fast absorbing towel to absorb excess moisture.  Hang silk pajamas to dry.  Do not use a wood drying rack.  Do not put in dryer on heat setting.  Men's Silk Pajamas CAN be put in dryer on Fluff No Heat setting.

To remove wrinkles iron on lowest setting.  You can also hang your pajama set in your shower room and let the shower steam relax the wrinkles.

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