Clipa Traveler Purse Hanger Two Pack with Hairbrush Set

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Clipa two pack has two clips, one matte black and one silver, so you can leave on on your handbag and keep one in your car, garage or craft room for hanging items.  Hairbrush is the perfect purse accessory.  Brush is lightweight, easy to pack and easy to clean with retractable bristles.  Specially angled, non slip base on both sides of the clip pad provides full surface contact and  means hanging items will stay put.  Uniquely design clip pads are crystal clear and self healing. 

Clipa Ring Clip is available in the color Traveler Black and Chloe Silver

Hairbrush ships in various colors

Clipa Traveler Spring Loaded Closing Ring Clip Features:

  • Clipa weight 2 oz
  • Clipa diameter 3"
  • Material of Clipa is high strength alloy (Passes proposition 65 tests for toxic materials)
  • Clipa holds up to 45 lbs
  • Set comes with two Clipa clips, 1 matte black and 1 silver
  • Whats In The Box: 1 silver Clipa, 1 black Clipa, 1 hairbrush, 1 packing checklist

The Black Traveler has a matte smooth hammered finish. Chloe Silver clipa has a smooth silver colored finish to match most purse hardware. A basic black bag hanger that goes with most bags. Spring Loaded Closing Clip Ring has a number of uses including keeping handbags off of the germy floor, hanging motorcycle helmets, and clipping your water bottle to your backpack.  Clipa is an instant handbag hanger. Keep the clipa right on your handbag or backpack strap for quick access. Clipa works on most tables and counters of different widths.  When you are ready to go, simply pull your handbag back up and let clipa fall back onto the bag. When you are in restrooms and a purse hook is not available, use the clipa to keep your hand bag off the floor and away from germs, water and dirt. Traveler clip is great for sporting events, outdoor cafes, restaurants, shopping and the movie theater. Great accessory for baby strollers, simply hang your purse over the baby stroller handle.

Use the clipa traveler closing ring clip to hang your umbrella, backpack, jackets and scarfs. Hang heavier items as well, since Clipa can hold up to 45 lbs and has been tested to last up to ten years. Wider opening on the clip means it can be used in more places including horizontal and vertical surfaces.

When at a party, the clipa can be clipped around your wine glass as a drink identifier, so no one picks up your glass of wine thinking it is theirs.

Clipa is made in the USA with North American parts.

Clipa Traveler Closing Ring Purse Clip Travel Video


About Travel Hair Brush

Travel hairbrush is easy to travel with. Button on handle hides brush bristles for easy packing and easy cleaning. Retract the hairbrush bristles when not in use for easy packing.  When you are ready to brush your hair, simply slide the button on the handle up and the brush bristles pop up. Hair brush is lightweight and incredibly easy to clean. Hair brush ships in various colors.

About Travelers Checklist

Travelers checklist is a comprehensive list of items you don't want to forget to pack and forget to do before your trip.  Make sure you have all your travel essentials packed in your suitcase including medication, toothbrush, contacts... Also don't forget to stop your news paper, hold your mail and leave your travel itinerary with a trusted friend.

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