Qlipter Carabiner and Bottle Bandit Water Carrier Going In Style Combo Kit
Qlipter Blue Colored Large Clip with Swivel Hanging Hook
Qlipter Hanging Clip and Bottle Bandit Drink Carrier Combo Set
Close Up of Bottle Bandit
Bottle Bandit Holding onto Water Bottle
Qlipter Hanging Up Lantern
Qlipter Hanging Neck Pillow
Qlipter Hanging Clip and Bottle Bandit Drink Carrier Combo Set

Qlipter Hanging Clip and Bottle Bandit Drink Carrier Combo Set

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Qlipter large carabiner hanging clip and bottle bandit carabiner drink holder make the perfect convenient travel combo for clipping, storing and carrying just about anything.  Qlipter large carabiner is versatile and has an abundance of uses including carrying your gym shoes, hanging your bike to store it in the garage or apartment and hanging a lantern.  Bottle Bandit drink holder is a small size carabiner clip with a rubber bottle holder.  Just slip your water bottle neck through the rubber holder and you can clip your carabiner to your belt of backpack so you can always take your bottle of water with you when you hike, camp or travel.

Function and design come together for the most versatile carrying travel accessory combination kit.

Qlipter Hanging Clip and Bottle Bandit Carrier GIS Combo Kit Features:
    • 1 large hanging clip and one small carabiner with bottle holder
    • Qlipter weights 2.5 oz
    • Qlipter dimensions 3.5" X 4.5" X 7.75"
    • Qlipter material is aircraft grade aluminum alloy

    About Bottle Bandit

    Bottle Bandit is a must have bottle accessory for all of your travels. The ultimate carrier for water and sports drink bottles. Pack two bottle bandits with you wherever you go, one for you and one for a friend. Its important to stay hydrated when you are touring, site seeing, hiking and biking. Sports drinks are great for post workout to replenish salts. If you are thirsty it means you have already been dehydrated for awhile. Drink water before you feel thirsty.

    To Use: Clip your carabineer onto your water bottle with the Bison Bottle Bandit! Stiff rubber ring has just enough pull to fit around the top of a water bottle.

    About Qlipter Large Carabiner and Hook

    Qlipter is a large carabiner type clip that hangs like a hook.  Rubber end cap will grip and not slip and magnet holds the hook closed.  Clip can rotate 360 degrees and has a tapered nose that fits tight openings.  Qlipter clip weights only 2.5 oz and can hold a maximum of 50 lbs.  The qlipter is designed to hold up to 50 lbs of inert weight.  Qlipter large carabiner clip has a variety of conenint uses including hanging your purse while dining out or while at home, storing your bicycle by hanging, carrying water or exercise equipment on your belt, camping, hanging a lantern, hanging your bathrobe or coat over a door and many more uses.  Qlipter can clip it, flip it and hang it anywhere.

    The Qlipter was designed to provide maximum versatility. You can use it with or without the rubber cap, hook end or tapered nose end up, on a flat surface or bar or a tree branch or any nook or cranny.

    Uses for Qlipter

    • Carry shoes on your backpack
    • Hang a lantern
    • Hang a flashlight
    • Hang up close to dry
    • Store your bike up high
    • Hang your bike helmet up
    • Storage space in garage or apartment
    • Hang your keys on your belt
    • Coat hook
    • Bathrobe hook
    • Towel hook
    • Purse hook
    • Hang a toiletry bag
    • Hang up your backpack
    • Carry more at the airport
    • Hang up sports equipment, gloves, hats, pads