Carry Cushion Sleep Anywhere Inflatable Travel Pillow Design Go

Carry Cushion by Design Go is the sleep anywhere inflatable travel pillow.  Flexible design for comfortable lower back support.  Use the carry cushion travel pillow as a headrest or comfy seat cushion.

Carry Cushion Inflatable Travel Pillow Design Go Features:

  • Size Inflated 3.5" x 9" x 12"
  • Material PVC and Polyester
  • Style # 581

When packing space is at a premium, take only one pillow on your travels - the Carry Cushion. Designed to be versatile, this inflatable travel pillow is ergonomic and robust enough to be used in 3 ways; as a lumbar support pillow for back pain sufferers, a flight pillow for those keen to catch forty winks, or as a sit-on travel cushion for those journeys where comfort is at a premium.

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