Three Releaf Neck Pillows in Different Colors
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Releaf Neck Rest Travel Neck Pillow

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Releaf Neck Rest is made with a unique flex tension construction that can conform to the shape of your neck for a comfortable and perfect fit. By supporting the weight of your head, it relaxes and eases neck and shoulder muscles. Simply wrap Releaf neck rest around your neck and fasten in the back with the Velcro, making sure you can easily insert both index fingers between the Releaf and your neck.  

Available in two sizes: Regular and Large.

Releaf Neck Rest Travel Neck Pillow Features:

  • Regular Neck Size 12"-15"
  • Large Neck Size 15"-17"
  • Machine washable
  • Moisture wicking fabric

Whether traveling, working on a computer, or reading, Releaf will help prevent improper posture which often leads to neck and shoulder tension and pain.

Lightweight, flexible, and machine washable.  

When your head remains in a static posture for a prolonged period of time, your neck and shoulder muscles often become tense. This happens because your neck and shoulder muscles are exerting extra effort to counteract gravity's pull and keep your head upright. This muscle tension is often further compounded by improper posture. For example, continuously and habitually craning your neck forward (common during computer use) or sleeping with a crooked neck (common during travel) will often lead to neck and shoulder tension and pain.