Snuggy Snoozer Inflatable Travel Neck Pillow Design Go

Soft fluffy pillow jacket covers the Snuggy Snoozer Inflatable Pillow making this pillow uber cozy. Sleep virtually anywhere, just cuddle up with the fleecy fluffy Snuggy Snoozer pillow. Get the most tranquil sleep when you are traveling by plane, car or train by resting your head on the U-shaped flat back pillow. Patented flat back design supports head and keeps it from nodding to the side when sleeping up right in your airplane seat. 

Snuggy Snoozer Inflatable Travel Pillow Design Go Features:

  • Size Inflated 3.5" x 11" x 14"
  • Weight 3 oz
  • Material PVC and Polyester
  • Style # 445

Luxurious, soft fabric for a perfect, restful sleep. Pillow cover is removable and machine washable in 86 degree Fahrenheit water so you have a clean, cozy pillow case every time you travel.

A touch of heaven for the tired traveller, this luxuriously plush and fleecy inflatable travel pillow is oh so soft. The patented flat-back design fits snugly around the head and neck, while the inflatable side chambers prevent the head falling sideways. This Design Go snuggy snoozer travel neck pillow helps you rest easy as you travel. Finished in soft fluffy fabric, it ensures a comfortable snooze on any journey.

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