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Travelrest Inflatable Travel Pillow

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Travelrest Inflatable Travel Pillow is a versatile and unique elongated pillow designed to offer head, neck and upper body support. Ergonomic design provides excellent lateral support for both adults and children. Attaches to any seat back on a plane, car or train.  

Easy to inflate and conveniently attaches to any luggage or bag.  

Travelrest Inflatable Travel Pillow Features:

  • Dimensions 2.25" X 4.75" X 10.75"
  • Weight 10 oz.
  • Made in USA



TravelRest Inflatable Pillow

See PDF Instructions on how to use your Travelrest Inflatable Travel Pillow

Travelrest comfort inflatable travel pillow is the ultimate travel pillow that features the new shape of sleep.  Inflatable pillow inflates quickly and when not in use, rolls up into a small packable cylinder shape. There are three ways to use your TravelRest pillow; first attach to the seat back. You can tether the pillow to any seat back, TravelRest nestles against your head and neck providing unparalleled support and comfort.  Second way to use TravelRest is to attach to a headrest and seat belt in car. TravelRest pillow is great for sleepy kids in the car. Loop the tether cord over your cars headrest and attach the snapFlap to the lap belt to keep your child supported for hours of peach and quite.   Lastly, you can sling over your head and shoulder for low back chairs. Use the pillow freestyle with no tethering. Flight delayed? No place to stretch out and get comfortable? Inflate firmly and attach the tether cord to the SnapFlap at the bottom of TravelRest, sling the cord over your head and shoulder like a messenger bag and you're resting freestyle.

Cord on pillow keeps pillow from slipping away while you sleep. As a seasoned traveler I've always found it difficult to sleep while sitting upright. What I truly desired was a pillow I could lean my entire body into, and at the same time rest my head against the pillow without falling over. One day on a flight to the Far East, I decided to tether my airline pillow to my seatback using my shoelaces. Eureka...TravelRest was born. Now after years of research and design I bring you a patented shape and uniuqe tethering system that allows you to make the best of a cramped flight or long drive. Relax and enjoy your Travelrest pillow!

Attach the ergonomic pillow to any seat back for unparalleled support from head to waist.  Travelrest inflatable pillow is made from soft, washable material.  Inflatable pillow easily inflates, adjusts and deflates in seconds. Snap the pillow to your seatbelt for additional support on road trips.

Instructions for Use:

Pull up tab to inflate or deflate.  Adjust inflation to your desired firmness. 

Note: Wait until your airplane is in the air at maximum altitude to inflate your pillow.

Push down on the tap to seal. 

Next loop and cinch the cord firmly using the built in cordlock.  Cord will not interfere with most tray tables.  Cord can be slightly raised or lowered as needed.  To shift TravelRest from one side to the other, simply pull the tensioned cord to the desired sie of your seat back; TravelRest slides with it.

Use the SnapFlap option for heavy sleepers or young children.  Drape TravelRest across your chest and attach SnapFlap to the lap belt for additional support. 

When not in use just roll, snap and go.  Attach the SnapFlap to your luggage handle or shoulder strap. Travelrest deflates, rolls and stows in seconds.