Three packs of sit clean wipes 36 wipes total
Single pack of wet wipes contains 12 wipes
Three Pack of Sit Clean Travel Wet Wipes
three packs of wet wipes have resealable package
Sit Clean wet wipes back of package with directions for use
Woman wiping her hands with Sit Clean Wipes

Sit Clean Toilet Cover Wet Wipes 3 Pack Travel Set

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Sit Clean® wet wipes are cleaning wet wipes for wiping down toilet seats and bathroom surfaces. Sit Clean® wet wipes are strong and durable with added texture for superior cleaning performance. Now you don't have to fear using a public restroom. Wet wipes are antimicrobial and can also be used as hand wipes when you don't have access soap and water. Sit Clean® Wet Wipes is available in sets of three packages of wipes for a total of 36 wipes.

Sit Clean® Toilet Cover Wet Wipes Features:

  • 12 wet wipes per pack
  • Peel and reseal package
  • Dimensions of package 3" x 5.5"
  • Weight 0.2 lbs
  • Model # 0020-3

Easy to use, alcohol free, toilet seat and antibacterial hand wipes for public restrooms, port-a-potties, airports and anywhere else you must go. Anywhere a sanitary restroom is a concern. 

Sit Clean® wet wipes can also be used as antimicrobial handwipes. Sit Clean® wipes reduce bacteria count on hands when soap and a sink are not available.

There are many ways to try to clean a public toilet seat, from wiping it with toilet paper to using those paper rings that fly on the floor, slip into the toilet bowl, but never seem to work. Wet wipes work much better at cleaning than a dry toilet paper. Most people end up hovering over the seat, an uncomfortable prospect. At Sit Clean® – Don’t Hover Wipe That Cover®, Sit Clean® proposes a different solution: use Sit Clean® wipes to leave behind a safe and sanitary surface. When the sink and facet area are dirty, use another Sit Clean® wipe to clean your hands.

Parents will be happy to finally have a more hygienic solution to preparing a public toilet for their child than layering toilet paper on the seat or trying to keep a paper ring between toilet seat and skin. By simply wiping the seat, you can make sure that your child will no longer have to dangle precariously on the Restroom icons Sit Clean® toilet cover wipesedge of the toilet, trying to avoid contact.

Sit Clean® wet wipes contain aloe barbadensis leaf juice. Aloe barbadensis leaf juice comes from the succulent leaves of the Aloe Vera plant. The leaf juice is a sticky gel that leaks out of the leaves of the Aloe plant and is full of vitamins and minerals. Leaf juice has moisturizing properties so you are not only cleaning your hands, but softening your hands as well when you use the Sit Clean wet wipes as a hand wipe.

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Sit Clean Wet Wipes are made in the USA

Directions for Use:

To open package peal back the seal on the pouch. When finished, close the seal to retain moisture. 

For us on hard surfaces, remove one or two wipes from the package then wipe the top part of the toilet seat, front of toilet and anywhere a child's legs may touch the toilet. You can also use Sit Clean wet wipes to wipe door handles, faucet handles, and sinks. DO NOT FLUSH.

About Sit Clean Company

Helping to Make Using the Restroom More Pleasant

Sit Clean is a small start-up company started by Cathy. On one particular trip with Cathy and her husband in late 2015, Cathy had to use a public restroom. Totally disgusted by the appalling conditions behind each stall door, she wanted to cry. Sit Clean inventor used the facilities because she had to; but when she talked with her husband about the horrors she encountered, she said “I do not understand why there is nothing on the market to address this issue.” That was how the idea of Sit Clean® – Don’t Hover Wipe That Cover® was started. When the founder told my best friend, who has multiple sclerosis, about my idea of Sit Clean® – Don’t Hover Wipe That Cover® personal toilet seat wipes, she lit up, smiled, and exclaimed, “What a fantastic idea!” She also explained that there are many people, like her, with limitations, who just cannot physically hover over a toilet seat. An acquaintance, to whom the founder mentioned her idea of Sit Clean®, said “I am the father of three young girls and a boy. I wanted to take them to a ball game but my wife did not want to come. I asked her, 'What if the girls need to go to the bathroom?’ The thought of putting my daughters on dirty public toilet seats made me not want to attend.” Then he added, “You’ve got something there, Cathy!” The more Cathy mentioned my idea to friends and family, positive comments just kept coming. Early in the process of starting her business in 2016, Cathy was at an office supply store picking up my new business cards. The cashier behind the counter, who had printed my cards, asked, “Where can I buy your wipes? I have a young daughter and I’d like to get these for when we are out.” Cathy had to laugh and told her, “Very soon, starting on-line; I’m still waiting for my first shipment, but keep checking on-line.” Even strangers were confirming my thoughts about the necessity of such a product. That is how Sit Clean® – Don’t Hover Wipe That Cover® started.