Travel Hair Dryer Dual Voltage 1600 Watt Conair

Conair TravelSmart Dual Voltage 1600 Watt Hair Dryer for worldwide travel. Compact, small design still packs a big punch with 1600 watts of drying power. Contoured handle is easy to hold and easy to use with a one switch button operation and two heat settings. Turbo hair dryer will dry your hair in no time, just like your regular home use hair dryer. Since the hairdryer is compact and lightweight and had a folding handle, it is easy to pack for travel.

Conair Dual Voltage 1600 Watt Hair Dryer Features:

  • Dual voltage for world wide travel
  • 1600 Watt Drying Power
  • Two heat settings
  • Style # 124ANP

Conair Travel Smart Blow Dryer is UL listed. Two heat and speed settings for all hair types. Compact styler has a folding handle so you can pack the blow dryer in your carry on bag. 

Additional Information for Dual Voltage Blow Dryers

For 125 Volt Operation Turn the dual voltage switch to the 125 position. In this position, the dryer operates in all available heat and speed settings.

For 250 Volt Operation First put the HIGH-LOW switch into Low setting. Turn the dual voltage switch to the 250 position. At 250 while set a LOW, the dryer operates only at high speed with high heat. A plug adapter may be necessary in certain countries.

Conair TravelSmart 1600 Watt Travel Hair Dryer Maintenance

Your dryer is virtually maintenance free. No lubrication is needed. For proper operating performance, the dryer must be kept clean. When cleaning is needed unplug the cord and clean dust and lint from air intake openings with a small brush or the brush attachment of a vacuum cleaner. The outer surface of the dryer should be wiped clean.

About Dual Voltage Appliances:

When traveling with appliances it is important to know whether your appliance is dual voltage. If it is not dual voltage you will need either a converter or a transformer when traveling. Typically cell phones, cameras, tablets and laptops are dual voltage and do not need a converter. Usually hair dryers, curling irons, battery chargers, hair straighteners, electronic razors and electronic toothbrushes not dual voltage. These appliances will need either a converter or a transformer. It is important to check the label for each of your appliances that you will be traveling with. The United States runs on about 120 volts electricity while many other countries run on 220 volts electricity or higher. Without a converter or transformer you can burn out your appliance.

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