LED Earlight Flashlight

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Handy LED Ear Lite allows for the convenience of hands-free light with a bulb that lasts up to an incredible 100,000 hours. The LED Ear Lite slips comfortably over your ear, and is adjustable, which enables you to shine the beam of light in any direction you wish.

LED Ear Light Flashlight Features:

  • Dimensions 4 X 4.5 cm
  • Batteries included (CR2016)
  • Light rotates with pivot joint
Hands free flashlight sits comfortably on your ear with a comfort rubber backing. Light rotates along its pivot joint to point in desired direction. Hands free head lamp has a variety of uses.  Great for crafting, sewing, cross stitching and knitting.  Point the light in the direction of your knitting project to get a perfect stitch every time. Earlight makes a fantastic and comfortable reading light.

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