Go Girl Female Urination Device and La Fresh Feminine Hygiene Wipes Combo Set Color Pink
GoGirl Urination Device for Females Made of Medical Grade Silicon
GoGirl Female Urination Device Color Pink
GoGirl Female Urination Device Female Hygiene Wipes Combo Set

GoGirl Female Urination Device Female Hygiene Wipes Combo Set

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GoGirl female urination device and La Fresh Travel Lite Female Hygiene Wipes Travel Combo Set lets you stay fresh on the go. Female Urination Device allows women the convenience of urinating standing up.  Whether you are trying to avoid gross public portable bathrooms or need to go to the bathroom quickly and discreetly, the GoGirl Female Urination Device allows you to stand while you urinate. Made of medical grade silicon, the device comfortably suctions to your skin and automatically reshapes itself for use. GoGirl comes with a reusable tube, tissue and a baggie.

GoGirl Female Urination Device and Feminine Hygiene Wipe Set Features:

  • Material medical grade silicon
  • Dimensions of container 1.5" X 4"
  • Reusable with tissue and baggie
  • GoGirl and Hygiene Wipes are Made in USA
  • La Fresh Travel Lite Female Hygiene Wipes Pack of 8 Included
  • Model # 09-001

About La Fresh Travel Lite Female Hygiene Wipes

Want more discrete feminine protection? Travel Lite offers an effective and pH Balanced way to feel fresh and confident, wherever you go.Pack of 8 female hygiene wipes come in a pink resealable pouch that is the perfect size to through in your purse or carry on bag.  Wipes will not leak or spill inside your purse. La Fresh hygiene wipes cleanses and refreshes on contact. Wipes are pH balanced for feminine use and are flush able and discreet.  Flush able wipes will dissolve in water so not to clog toilets. Feminine hygiene wipes are compostable and biodegradable. Ingredients include botanical extracts of aloe, chamomile, cucumber & marshmallow with vitamin E.

To prevent your V from odor & itch vendetta, keep these La Fresh Travel Lite™ Female Hygiene Wipes at close range. These pH balanced wipes stealthfully eliminate the bad while maintaining the good. You'll feel incredibly clean, refreshed & confident — a V for sweet victory.

Female Hygiene La Fresh Travel Lite Wipes are Made in California using clean, renewable solar energy.


Peel back label, remove and unfold wipe.  Gently cleanse from front to back.  Use only once and then discard in trash can or flush one at a time.  Reseal pouch completely after use. 

About GoGirl Female Urination Device

Unique design means there is no mess and no fuss. GoGirl comes in a small, reusable, travel size tube that can be tucked discreetly in your purse or pocket. GoGirl is a simple sanitary way to pee standing up. Just adjust your clothing, gently hold Go Girl against your skin to form a seal and you can comfortably go to the bathroom standing up.

Great for active women - skiers can go off on a trail and get back to the slopes quickly.  Campers don't have to squat and mess up jeans and shoes.  For travelers, there is no more worrying about what kind of bathroom you will find or if you will find a bathroom at all. Handy for boaters, bikers, concert goers and marathon runners. Get the GoGirl and stop taking life sitting down.

You can now avoid crowded, disgusting bathrooms and have an emergency back-up plan while traveling. GoGirl offers women the convenience of standing up to go to the bathroom. It’s easy, discreet and hygienic. Conveniently fits into your purse or pocket.

GoGirl is easy to use. Just hold GoGirl against your body, forming a seal. Aim and, well, pee. Pretty simple, huh? GoGirl fits easily in your purse, pocket, or glove compartment. It's a must for travel and sports. And it's great for everyday - no more crouching over or trying to cover up an unsanitary public toilet. While the concept may be new to you, European women have used female urination devices for years.

GoGirl's not the first device of its kind. But try it. And we think you'll agree it's easily the best. Only GoGirl is made with flexible, medical grade silicone. Dispose of it after use. Or clean and reuse as you like. (Urine is sterile, but the product can come into contact with contaminates during use, so take precautions when cleaning.) Our patented splash guard eliminates messing and spilling. Once you practice a time or two, using GoGirl is going to feel like second nature.

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