Flanabag Airquart Travel Organizer
Purple Swirl
Orange Paisley
Blue Paisley
Flanabags in Colors Blue and Orange with Toiletries Inside
Flanabags AirQuart Clear Gusset Travel Organizers
Flanabags AirQuart Clear Gusset Travel Organizers
Flanabag One Quart Bag Going Through TSA

Flanabags AirQuart Clear Gusset Travel Organizers

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Flanabag AirQuart is a quart size TSA compliant see through zipper pouch, made with strong, flexible vinyl to safely and stylishly carry all your liquids and gel. Wide bag opening makes it easy to pack, and it stands up on its gusset for packing and folds flat between trips. Integrated wrist strap makes it easy to carry as well.

Going In Style carries AirQuart Flanabags in patterned colors Black, Blue Paisley, Orange Paisley and Purple Swirl

Flanabag One Quart Toiletry Bag Features Features:

  • Dimensions 9.5" X 7" X 1"
  • Folds to 4.5" X 4.5"
  • Style AQ-000

Flanabags can also be hung up on the back of the airplane seat in front of you so you can freshen up with your toiletries mid flight. Convenient wrist strap can also be used for hanging up in hotel rooms or in bathrooms.

AirQuart bags are convenient and stylish travel organizer TSA compliant quart bags. TSA airport security requires that liquids be placed in a one quart bag. Gusseted bag is designed to stand up on its on and folds flat for easy storage when you are not traveling. Clear bags make it easy to see what you packed in your one quart toiletry bag, yet the subtle design helps you distinguish your bag from other travelers' one quart bag.

When  you go through airport security you must remove your liquids from the rest of your luggage and place your one quart bag of liquids in the bin.  Flanabags are not only see through so you can see what you packed, but also have a pretty design on the bags so you can distinguish your liquids from other peoples' liquids. Also, travelers won't grab your one quart bag of liquids by mistake.

TSA regulations require that all liquids passing through security all fit in a one quart bag.  Liquids such as shampoo, conditioner, mouthwash must be in bottles 3 oz or less. Also available are the Flanabags Jewelery Organizers that can also be used to organize power cords, USB cables, cell phone chargers, USBs and electronic accessories.

Shop travel sized toiletries such as mouthwash, toothbrush, shampoo, conditioner, soap and more.