Design Go Travel Wallet with Clip

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Travel Clip Pouch is a convenient accessible security wallet that clips inside trousers with no pockets needed. Hidden Travel Clip Wallet clips firmly to clothing such as your pant's waist band and can hold cash, credit cards, change, identification cards and valuables.

With the Clip Wallet you don't need to have any pockets, simply clip the wallet to your clothing and you have a safe, discreet and accessible pocket for your cash and cards.  Be sure to clip your Hidden Pocket Wallet inside of your waist band so it is out of sight and safe. 

Design Go Travel Wallet with Clip Features:

  • Material Polyester
  • Dimensions 2.8" x 4.3" x 0.4"
  • Weight 0.9"
  • Style # 30362

This money belt Hidden Pocket Clip Pouch remains hidden while traveling yet is easy to access when you need to pay or show your ID. No need to carry your purse while on a cruise. Simply put what you will need, such as your room key, inside of the pocket, and you can carry your key, cash, and identification hands free without the fear of losing your room key.  Also a great little pocket to have when you need to leave your purse at home or in the car. 

Ideal for travel or everyday use, this ultra compact and discreet hideaway wallet keeps valuables close at hand. Unlike ordinary wallets that are usually stored in a trouser pocket, this clip pouch securely attaches to the inside of any belt or waistband. Lightweight and easily accessible, it is the safest way to carry money and credit cards.

Credit cards slide easily into the Clip Wallet and are secured with a zipper closure. Despite the small size of the Clip Pouch, there is plenty of room for credit cards, debit cards, ID and cash. If you decide to keep the Clip Wallet in your pocket you can also fold cash up and slide it under the clip. Hide Away Clip Wallet can be used as an alternative to large bulky wallets that are uncomfortable to sit on and can wear holes in your jeans and dress pants.

A travel money belt hidden pocket is a portable safe used as precaution against theft while traveling. It offers peace of mind and is a safer option than a travel wallet because it's hidden under your clothes. Think of it in the same sense as your underwear. You put it on in the beginning of the day and throughout the day it's out of sight and out of mind. Remember, a money belt is only worth its value if worn properly - under your clothes.

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