Travel Bra Stash and RFID Credit Card Sleeve Set

Cleverly design bra pocket has a cord that loop around bra straps and snap in place. Ample room for currency keys and jewelry yet small enough to be discreet.  Protect your valuables when you travel by hiding credit cards, cash and ID in the Bra Stash Hidden Bra Pocket. Lightweight bra is easy to pack in your carry-on luggage and is small enough to barely take up any room in your travel suitcase.  Bra Stash has a smooth, satin finish and will lay flat under stretchy shirts or tailored clothing.  Single pocket secures your important valuables safely and discreetly.  Adjustable strap attaches to bra so it will stay in place. Credit cards can be stored inside the RFID credit card sleeve before placing in bra stash to protect against credit card and identity theft. What is RFID?

Bra Stash Hidden Bra Pocket Features:

  • Material Smooth Polyester Satin
  • Weight 3.5 oz
  • Dimensions 4.5" X 3.5"
  • RFID Credit Card Sleeve included
  • Travelers Packing Checklist and Adapter Country Guide
  • Style #31001

The Bra Pocket hidden security pouch by Smooth Trip Travel Gear is a secret compartment that attaches to your bra strap.  This Bra Stash keeps money and other valuables safe and hidden away while traveling. Keep your money and valuables safe and hidden from view.  Lays flat under tailored feminine styles. Satiny smooth fabric is made of lightweight polyester.  Easily attaches to bra strap for extra security. Loop the bra pocket straps around your bra strap and snap in place.

Washing and Care Instructions

Hand wash your Travel Bra Stash in cold water with a gentle soap - line dry or lay flat to dry. 

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