Buddy Pouch XL Waist Pack

Buddy Pouch X-Large has the sames feature as the original Buddy Pouch. XL Buddy Pouch is a lightweight, water-resistant magnetic pouch that will attach to any waistband for a secure and bounce-free hold. Dri-fit material helps to keep you dry, and chafe-free. Buddy Pouch XL also features inner pocket and side zipper headphone port. Pouch will hold all the essentials and medical needs such as inhalers, EpiPen, smartphones, passport, credit cards, keys, and ID. Buddy X-Large pocket is made to fit all versions of the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy Note.

Travel friendly, Buddy Pouch XL is available in the color Black.

Travel Buddy Pouch XL Waist Pack Features:

  • Dimensions 6.75" X 4"
  • Two inner pockets
  • Dri fit water resistant material


Buddy Pouch XL is a lightweight waist pack with side zipper for easy access to headphone port for listening to music. Belt free extra large travel pouch attaches to the waistband of your pants using magnets for a strong, secure hold. Buddy pouch XL is perfect for traveling and visiting theme parks with its sleek design that hold your smartphone, keys and cash.

Buddy Pouch XL is designed to fit most popular phones, including the iPhone 4, iPhone 5, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S. Also fits Samsung Galaxy S V phones.Revolutionary magnetic technology secures the buddy pouch in place for bounce free support while running and jogging. Inner pockets are made from water resistant dri-fit material to protect valuables from sweat while working out. Inner pocket will hold keys, hand sanitizer, credit cards, inhalers and headphones. Extra Large Travel Buddy Pouch , 6.75 inches long, is the largest waist pack from Running Buddy Buddy Pouch series. Buddy Pouch XL from Running Buddy is easy to use, simple connect the pouch to your waistband by inserting the back flap of the Buddy Pouch XL onto your waist band. Next, align front flap with the back flap and press magnets together to lock waist pack in place. Running Buddy XL Waist Fanny Pack is better than a pocket.

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