Worldwide USB Charger Adapter Plug Set 4 USB Ports and 4 Attachment Heads
3 USB Ports Allow You To Charge 4 Devices At Once
Two 2.4A Max and Two 1A Max USB POrts
USB Charger works in the United States
US pins
Worldwide USB Charger Adapter Plug Set 4 USB Ports
Europe Adapter Attachment Head
European Attachment Head Works In Europe
European Pins Power Plug
Euro Attachment Head
China Australia Attachment Head For USB Charger
Worldwide USB Charger Adapter Plug Set 4 USB Ports
Worldwide USB Charger Attachment Head
Worldwide USB Charger Attachment Head
UK Attachment Head for USB Charger
Worldwide USB Charger Attachment Head
Worldwide USB Charger Attachment Head UK
Worldwide USB Charger Attachment Head
Woman Powering Laptop with Worldwide USB Charger Adapter Plug

Worldwide USB Charger Adapter Plug Set 4 USB Ports

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Worldwide USB charger with 4 USB ports works in over 100 different countries. Charge four devices at once when you travel to foreign countries. Charge your e-reader, two smartphones and your tablet at the same time. Keep your cell phone charged and ready for work or to contact loved ones no mater where in the world your travels take you. Sometimes you can't be sure which outlet will be provided on an airplane for charging your phone, or your departure airport may have a different power outlet than your layover airport. Bringing along a worldwide usb charger means you can always stay connected anytime, anywhere.

Note: This adaptor does NOT convert voltage. To convert electricity you will need a voltage converter. If your appliances are dual voltage you do not need a converter.

Worldwide USB Charger Features:

  • Dimensions 1.2” x 2.6” x 2.2” / 3 cm x 6.6 cm x 5.6 cm
  • Weight 5.6 oz / 0.03 kg
  • Electrical rating 100 - 240v / max 0.8a / 50 - 60hz
  • Auto regulation output when dual charging
  • CE certified conforms to EU safety standards / WEEE conforms to EU waste electrical and electronic equipment directives
  • Style #575

USB Charging set works has adapters for United Kingdom, United States, Europe, Australia and China. Clip on plug heads are interchangeable and can be used all over the world to charge your smart phone on demand. 

Don’t get weighed down by multiple chargers and adapters on your next trip, this handy Worldwide USB charger allows you to charge four USB devices at once, so that you don’t need to carry multiple units. Offering fast and efficient charging in more than 100 countries, it has a 4.8A auto-regulating power output when dual charging, powerful enough to efficiently and quickly charge smartphones, tablets and other power-hungry devices. Use it across the world thanks to its interchangeable US, UK, EU and Australasian plugs.


To change the plug heads on this product, locate the 2 pins on the rear of the charging unit, ensure they are in an upright position. Then, with plug head of your choice selected, located the 2 holes in the plug head and slide onto the pins. Insert into wall socket to use. 


The four USB ports are suitable for use with USB devices and can charge four devices simultaneously.

  1. Using the USB cable supplied with your device, connect the charger with your device. The USB can only be inserted into the charger in one direction. If it does not go in easily, switch the orientation.
  2. Ensure the mains socket is switched off and plug in the charger. Switch on the wall.
  3. Turn on your device if necessary and charge as per the manufacturer's instructions.
  4. When charging cycles are complete, turn off at the mains socket before disconnection either the charger or your devices.
  • The individual UK, Australian and European plug portions must not be inserted into a mains supply socket when not attached to the charger unit.
  • Check local voltage is compatible with your electrical product before use. Read Is My Appliance Dual Voltage? to learn more.
  • Alternative localised electrical systems may occasionally be found in some countries.


This product is for indoor use only. Intended for occasional use only. Do not use in humid environment for an extended amount of time. The unit may get hot with extended use. USB charging adapter does not convert voltage or electricity. To convert voltage you will need a voltage converter. Please check to make sure all your appliances are dual voltage

Regulatory Notices, WEEE Notice

In July 2007 the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive came into force to reduce the disposal of domestic waste and to promote recycling. Any electrical item that carries the crossed out wheelie bin logo must not be disposed of in domestic waste but should be taken to a designated collection facility. Design Go is a member of an approved compliance scheme, Transform, to encourage consumers to recycle unwanted items. Your local authority will be able to provide details of your nearest site. For more information on the WEEE Directive please visit PLEASE RECYCLE.