Back View of Taupe Colored Health Back Ameribag
Ameribag Microfiber Healthy Back Bag Extra Small
Ameribag Microfiber Healthy Back Bag Extra Small
Woman Toting Extra Small Sized Ameribag Backpack in Color Black
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Ameribag Microfiber Healthy Back Bag Extra Small

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Ameribag XS Microfiber Bag can hold a lot of travel accessories despite its extra small size.  Ameribag Microfiber Healthy Back Bag was designed to relieve the strain on your neck back and shoulders by redistributing its weight toward the center of your back - making your load feel 30% lighter. Pockets can hold plane tickets, cell phone, sunglasses, mini umbrella, book or Kindle, pens and keys.

Going In Style offers Ameribag Extra Small in a colors Black and Taupe.

Ameribag Microfiber Health Back Extra Small Bag Features:

  • Dimensions 5.5" X 8" X 15"
  • Material High Quality, Water Resistant, Durable Microfiber
  • Style # 7102

Ameribag Healthyback is made from a durable, yet soft to the touch, water resistant microfiber material that has a pretty subtle sheen to the fabric. Bag also has a cushioned neoprene strap so toting your bag is comfortable and ergonomic.

For the person that needs to carry a lot, the Ameribag has tons of organizational pockets to fit everything you need for travel, the office or the gym all into one backpack bag. With cleverly constructed pockets inside and out, you know where your stuff is at all times.  Your bag will distribute the weight of all your items, making your bag feel lighter and easier to carry.

Ameribag Extra Small Size Backpack bag has plenty of pockets for organizing all your belongings that you will need when on the go. E Key hook can hook your spare key so you never get locked out again.

How to Wear Your Ameribag

Wear your Ameribag HBB Shoulder Bag either across your body or over your shoulder with the main zipper facing inward. The bag should contour to the natural curve of your back.  Wearing your Ameribag HBB keeps your hands free so you can carry on about your day.

What Makes Ameribag Ergonomic?

Most bags and backpacks pull away from the body making you lean and twist to compensate for the weight.  Ameribag contours to the natural curve of your spine and sits snugly, yet gently against your back. The more places Ameribag touches your body when you wear it, the lighter it feels.  The bag becomes part of you and and encourages good posture by molding to your shape and contouring to your back.

Adjusting Your Ameribag Strap

The shorter the strap on your Ameribag, the lighter the bag feels. Feed the strap through the triglide and pull. Adjust the strap for your body height and body size.

To Clean Your AmeriBag Microfiber Bag

Spot clean with a damp cloth and distilled water. Mix a mild detergent with water and use a lint free cloth to rub dry.  Hand wash only.  Do not Bleach.