Aquabell Water Filled Ankle Weights Perfect for Travel
Aquabell Ankle Weight with Velcro Strap and Packaging
Woman Excercising with Aquabells Water Filled Travel Ankle Weights

Aquabells Ankle Weights Travel Fitness Set

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Bring Aquabell ankle weights with you when you travel so you never miss a glute workout.  Inflatable Aquabell Travel Weights offer a portable travel workout system. Adjust the weight you need by simply adding the right amount of water. When your travel workout is over Aquabells empty in seconds and pack flat in your suitcase. Exercise weights are guaranteed not to leak. A very portable workout system for strength training and great for physical therapy.

Aquabells Dumbbell and Ankle Weight Workout Weight Set Feature:

  • Two Ankle Weights
  • Weight 8 oz unfilled
  • Adjustable up to 8 lbs
  • Style # 687

Two Aquabells Ankle Weights adjust easily around your ankles with a velcro closure. Made of soft vinyl and Velcro straps, which is gentle on the skin. Each holds up to eight pounds when full.

With AquaBells Ankle Weights you just fill with water, attach them with the Velcro straps around your ankles and your ready for exercise, or walking, to provide the lower body with up to 8 lbs. of resistance training. When you are ready to go simply release the water to deflate and your AquaBells Ankle Weights are ready to travel again! They are so compact they can fit into a fanny pack. Each pair is adjustable up to 8 lbs. and weighs only 8 oz. when deflated.

At last, a portable gym that fits into your briefcase! Carrying traditional weights through airports are impractical. With AquaBells you can continue your workout program without adding extra weight or luggage for your trip.Great for physical therapy, and also can be used for water resistance programs when in swimming pools, too!