Big Tags Luggage Identification 2 Pack

Big Tags are Luggage Identification Neon Tags that can't be missed.  Mark your baggage with this bright, large tag so you can easily spot your bags when they are circling the luggage carousel at the airport.  

Big Tags ship in various colors. You will receive two Big Tags of the same color.  If you have a color preference please leave a note at checkout.

Big Tags Luggage Identification Features:

  • Pack of 2 Tags
  • Bright Vivid Colors
  • Dimensions 4.5" Diameter

If the airline misplaces your luggage you will be able to easily describe your bright big tag with identification attached to your bag. Round shaped tags with the words "The Big Tag" written on one side and the other side clear for recording your personal information.  The tags are sturdy and are unlikely to be torn off by rough handling of your luggage. These Sizable Tags means someone will not mistake your luggage for their own and accidentally grab your bag.  You will be able to spot your luggage from far away at the airport, while others are still searching for their bag.

Big tags can also be used for gym bags, camera bags, school bags, duffel bags, golf bags, carry on bags, ski bags and more.

Big Tags come in a set of two and ship in various bright neon colors such as Lime Green and Neon Pink.

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