Braun Reflex Control Flip Cover Quartz Travel Alarm Clock

Braun reflex control Travel Alarm Clock lets you activate the snooze function with wave of your hand.  Braun Quartz Alarm Clock features quiet German movement.  Small, compact and lightweight alarm clock is perfect for travel. Crescendo alarm will repeat until the alarm turns off. 

Digital Braun Alarm Clock comes with one AA Duracell battery that will last a substantial amount of time before needing to be replaced. Going In Style carries the Reflex Control Quartz Alarm Clock in the color Matte Black.

Braun Travel Reflex Control Quartz Square Alarm Clock Features:

  • Dimensions 2.8" X 3" X 1.1"
  • High precision quartz control - German movement
  • World Time Zone Map
  • 1 AA battery needed (Duracell battery included)
  • Model # BN-C005BK

This Braun reflex control travel alarm clock measures 72mm x 78mm x 30mm and is available in three colours. The clock has a motion (wave) activated snooze function, torch light and a flip down lid with world time zone map. Quiet German precision quartz movement and crescendo alarm. Clock has a flip down cover with the world time zone map so you can see what time it is for your friends and loved ones when you travel. Torch function allows you to keep the light on for extended time. Duracell battery included.

Crescendo alarm starts off chirping slowly and quietly and becomes faster and louder until you turn the alarm off.  Alarms with crescendo alarm sound will not wake you up with a jolt so you can wake up relaxed and feeling rested.  To turn of the alarm and activate the snooze function, simply wave your hand over the alarm clock for an extra ten minutes of sleep. Alternatively, to activate the snooze function on the clock, you can push the green button on top.  Clock features an alarm volume dial so you can have the alarm noise level you need whether you are a light sleeper or a heavy sleeper. 

Reflex Control Flip Lid Travel Alarm Clock is modeled after the classic AB314 model.  Fold up cover protects the face of the clock when you travel and when you fold it down it acts as a sturdy base and also features a handy time zone chart.

Knob protrudes on the back of the clock so you can easily set the time and the alarm, then the knob pushes back into the back when you travel so not to take up extra space.

Braun Travel Alarm Clock is a must have for camping trips, road trips, business trips and international travel. Alarm clock is small and lightweight enough to easily pack in your carry-on suitcase, yet substantial enough to use as your regular nightstand clock.

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