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Bucky 40 Blinks Sleep Masks
Bucky 40 Blinks Sleep Masks

Bucky 40 Blinks Sleep Masks

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40 Blinks Sleep Mask by Bucky is a latex and PVC free, featherweight eye shade that conforms to the contour of your face for complete darkness. Deep molded cups allows enough space to blink, and provide smudge-free comfort. So use it for full nights sleep, or to rest your eyes on a long flight.

Adjustable strap fits most head sizes.  

Bucky 40 Blinks Sleep Mask Features:

    • Size 9" x 4"
    • Weight 0.7 oz.
    • Hand Washable
    • Cover/Backing 100% Polyester
    • Interior Polyurethane Foam
    • Latex and PVC Free

Featured in US Weekly, NY Times Gift Guide, Quest Magazine, ELLE Magazine, InStyle, People Magazine, Women’s Health, Real Simple Magazine, Fortune Magazine, Hemispheres Magazine and others. 40 Blinks Sleep Mask is rated #1 by Good Housekeeping. Block out light anywhere life takes you.

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Bucky's famous 40 Blinks Sleep Mask is a landmark in the most comfortable, convenient sleep—it's not rated #1 by Good Housekeeping for nothing! With a 99% customer approval rating and hundreds of thousands of sleep masks sold, this is the best sleep mask on the market. Block out light and sleep soundly anywhere life takes you!

The main reason people can't sleep is too much light—darkness stimulates the body's natural melatonin production, which helps you achieve deep, restful, and restorative sleep. Use the 40 Blinks on flights, during short naps, in college dormitories, or for a better quality of sleep at home.

Traditional sleep masks feel heavy on the eyelids, let ambient light in, and use elastic loops that pull on the ears. The 40 Blinks Sleep Mask is specifically designed with the utmost comfort in mind—the soft, ultralight design blocks light fully and gently hugs the face without pressure using the adjustable Velcro strap that connects at the back of the head. Deep molded cups allow space between the eye and the mask so you can blink freely without pressure. Made with a fabric that is extremely lightweight, breathable, flexible, and durable, a good night's sleep is guaranteed!

  • The mask is 9" wide and 4" tall.
  • Eye cups are .5 inch deep.
  • Ultralight, this sleep mask weighs only .7 ounces or 37 grams
  • Hypoallergenic and hand washable
  • One of the top 5 things to bring to college
  • Helps with insomnia and other sleep disorders
  • Used to protect lash extensions during sleep
  • Deep molded cups allow you to blink freely

Featured in: US Weekly, NY Times Gift Guide, Quest Magazine, ELLE Magazine, InStyle, People Magazine, Women's Health, Real Simple Magazine, Fortune Magazine, Hemispheres Magazine and others.

Featured on the following Blogs: Coolspotters, Road and Travel Magazine,, Dustbowl, Ebeautydaily, Hip Mamas Place, Mixx, Cool Products, Daily Candy, Rufkm, USA Today, MSNBC, Dabble, Shermans Travel and others.