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Medium Size Compressor Bag for Travel
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Compression Vacuum Packing Bag

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Packmate clear plastic compressor bags for travel create up to 75% more packing space by eliminating the extra air that gathers in your garments Simply place your clothing inside these plastic travel bags, seal the end, roll them up and you're ready to go!


  • Medium - 19.5" X 14" will hold 2 sweaters or one week of dirty socks
  • Large - 27.5" X 18" will hold 3 sweaters or a ski parka
  • Multi Pack - includes 1 medium and 2 large bags

The air inside the bag with your garments is squeezed out a one-way valve at the opposite end. Compression Bags are easy to use, just pack, roll and go. These bags are reusable, made of durable triple laminated nylon film and will last for years. Bags will keep items dry and odors will stay inside. Organize and make packing simple.

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