Dental Medical First Aid Kit in Waterproof Reusable Pouch for Travel
Dental Medical First Aid Kit for Your Teeth Mouth and Gums Includes Toothpicks, Tea, Floss Orasol, Cavity Filler and Instructions

First Aid DentalMedic Dental Travel Medical Kit

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Pocket size Dental Medic Kit contain essential first aid supplies. Watertight resealable plastic pouches. Perfect for anyone traveling on foot by bus plane train or automobile. With the DentalMedic Dental Care Kit you can replace lost fillings, loose crowns and relieve dental pain in a pinch. When traveling, you may not be able to make it to a dentist right away and you will want to relieve any pain caused by your teeth right away.  Pack your Dental Medical Kit with you on your next adventure, expedition, hunting, fishing, or camping trip.

DentalMedic Dental Medical Care KiFeatures:

  • Dimensions 1" X 5" X 5.5"
  • Weight 3.5 oz
  • Includes temporary cavity filler mixture
  • Style # 0185-0102

Dental problems are a pain anytime, but the last place you want to experience a chipped tooth is out in the wilderness.  Adventure Medical Kits has you covered with the Dental Medic.  Exposed nerve ends from a lost filling can be excruciatingly painful and quickly ruin your trip.

To replace lost fillings or to seal a cracked tooth, use the tube of temporary cavity filling mixture or use the dental wax to cover exposed nerve ends and protect your tooth until you can reach a dentist. 

Another important feature is the Orasal Gel and the tea bag in the Dental Kit to help sooth tooth and gum pain. Simply soak the tea bag in water and place it in the painful area inside of your mouth so you can get some pain relief. For temporary relief of mouth sores and cuts, you can numb the area with the 20% Orasol Gel included in the kit.

Travel Dental First Aid Kit also comes with detailed instructions that explain how to treat mouth, tooth and gum pain and how to get pain relief.  Dental Medic is a great first aid kit for your teeth and makes a great add on to your regular First Aid Kit. Don't let the pain of a dental emergency end your trip early. Carry the DentalMedic and come back from your trip smiling.

Nothing brings a person to his or her knees like a dental emergency - be it an infection, a lost filling, or fractured tooth. The Dental Medic contains the essentials for treating dental pain and injury when a dentist isn't available, from basic supplies like floss, cotton, and oral aesthetic to more advanced components like temporary cavity filling mixture and dental wax. A must have for any trip where access to a dentist may be hours or days away. Each kit in the Medic series features proprietary DryFlex™ bags for the ultimate in ultralight, waterproof storage.

Ultralight, Waterproof, and Pocket-Sized DryFlex™ Medic pouches weigh next to nothing, fit just about anywhere, and keep water out of your kit. Replace Fillings and Crowns Temporary cavity filling mixture protects your tooth until you can find a dentist. Stop Tooth Pain Orasol gel and tural tea (tannins) soothe pain in the teeth and gums. Take the Fear out of Toothaches Specialized instructions explain how to manage various dental emergencies.

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