Door Jammer Travel Door Lock
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Door Jammer Travel Security

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Door Jammer Portable Door Security Device is easy to pack and easy to take on a trip for anyone needing privacy and security. Fits easily in your carryon bag or purse you can add extra security to your hotel room door, or hostel room door, in just seconds. Feel safe when you travel to unfamiliar places or when you are staying home alone. Doorjammer will give you extra protection from home invasions.

DoorJammer Travel Security Features:

  • Min door clearance 0.3"
  • Weight 8 oz
  • Dimensions 2.75" X 4.75"
  • Style #355

Easy to pack Red DoorJammer is not much bigger than you smartphone. Door security device is lightweight and only weighs 8 ounces. 

Travel Security DoorJammer will let you feel safer when traveling or staying home alone. Take the DoorJammer with you when you travel alone, or with your family.  Door Jammer takes only seconds to assemble and will fit onto your door to jam the door shut and make you feel totally secure and private. Adjustable foot situated at the end of the hinged leg, allows the Door Jammer to be installed on any type of floor - flat or inclined. Footpad situated below adjustable foot allows the DoorJammer to be installed on any type of surface - hardwood floors, tile, carpet, linoleum and more. Door Jammer is not suitable for for swing doors, swinging doors or patio sliding doors.

In case of an emergency, the Travel Security DoorJammer can be easily pulled of the door. Simply pull the DoorJammer upward and it will conveniently remove itself from its locked position without any effort.

Owing to an ingenious system of hinges and angles, the horizontal force being exerted on the door from the outside is converted into a vertical force to anchor the DoorJammer firmly into the ground. This, not only prevents the door from moving horizontally, it also forces the door upwardly, increasing the DoorJammer's grip and reducing the chances of its foot slipping on the floor.

DoorJammer received police accreditation in September of 2014 by Secured by Design (SBD), the official UK Police flagship initiative supporting 'designing out crime'. 

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