Lewis N Clark Sentry Lockdown Triple Security Lock
Sentry Lockdown Triple Security Travel Combo Lock
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Lewis N Clark Lockdown Lock Locking Luggage to Pole

Lockdown Triple Security Luggage Lock Lewis N Clark

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TSA recognized Double Security TSA Luggage Cable Lock allows you to lock your suitcase and also secure it to your purse, chair leg or table leg to prevent theft. Sturdy cast zinc alloy construction with ABS plastic housing and two braided steel cables makes for a super durable security lock. Reduce zipper break-ins by attaching the luggage zipper to the luggage handle - long cable designed to attache to luggage handle and short cable attaches to zipper pulls. Secure your bags to a fixed object when you are dining at a restaurant, reading a book or are distracted to prevent thieves from running off with your backpack or purse.

Double Security TSA Luggage Lock Lewis N Clark Features:

  • 3 Dial Combo Lock
  • Dimensions 1" X 2" X 6"
  • Material Cast Zinc Alloy with ABS Plastic and two braided steel cables
  • Style # TS A 80

Lockdown Triple Security Luggage Lock offers three layers of security, first lock your luggage zippers, then lock your zippers to your luggage handle, lastly, lock your bags to a fixed object. Protect your luggage from opening and connect mutliple bags together with the Double Security TSA Luggage Lock from Lewis N Clark. Connect multiple bags together, connect your zipper to your luggage handle or connect your bags to fixed objects when you travel. Take your Double Security Lock with you no matter where you travel. Steel cables offer superior security and protection and will last you years to come.

Travel Sentry Logo lets TSA personnel know that they can open your lock with a special master key.


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