Flip and Tumble 24-7 Reusable Tote Bag

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Don't forget your reusable grocery bags at home, with the Flip and Tumble tote you can just store it in your handbag, trunk or glove box and it barely takes up any room.  Flip and Tumble 24/7 Bag features a felt patch on the underside of the shoulder strap to keep the bag from slipping off of your shoulder.  Reusable tote bag can hold up to 35 lbs so you can tote things like your bowling ball or a watermelon. When not in use the Flip and Tumble Tote folds up into a small round 3 inch in diameter ball that is lightweight and can be stored virtually anywhere.

From bag to ball, the 24-7 bag is a snap to keep with you all the time. Sure, it will handle milk and eggs like a charm, but its versatile shoulder design also works for everything from day-tripping on travels to bringing your lunch to work.

Flip and Tumble Roll Up Tote Bag Features:

  • Bag Dimensions 5" X 12" X 14" Rolled into Ball Dimensions 3" Diameter
  • Weight Capacity 35 lbs
  • Material ripstop nylon

Washing Instructions for Your Flip and Tumble 24-7 Tote Bag

Machine wash your tote bag in cold water.  Hang dry.

Are flip & tumble’s bags eco-friendly?

A reusable bag can easily save over 1000 plastic bags in its lifetime, but there’s a catch. This only works if the reusable bag gets used. Unfortunately, too many reusable shopping bags wind up gathering dust in the back of a closet. We’ve put a lot of time into considering the needs and lifestyles of real people so that our bags won’t become friends with the dust bunnies.