Go Caddy Water Bottle Holder, RFID Credit Card Sleeve and Tip Table GIS Combo Set

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Go Caddy Water Bottle Holder holds water bottles up to 1.5 liter and comes with a water bottle insulated sleeve.  Going In Style Go Caddy Water Bottle Combo Set includes an RFID blocking credit card sleeve and a tip table for when you are dining out on the go.

Go Caddy Water Bottle Holder, RFID Credit Card Sleeve and Tip Table GIS Combo Set Features:
    • 1 Go Caddy, 1 RFID Credit Card Sleeve, 1 Tip Table, 1 Packing Checklist
    • Go Caddy dimensions 4" X 10"
    • Go Caddy material body microfiber with rubber backing, pouch 420 Denier Nylon, Strap adjustable polypropylene webbing

    About Go Caddy Multi Compartment Water Bottle Holder

    Holds a variety of bottle sizes up to 1.5 liter , of your favorite beverage. (Bottle not included). Size: 4” dia. x 10” tall. BONUS! A water bottle cooler sleeve is included! Comfortable 1" x 54" adjustable strap. This extra long strap allows you to wear it over your shoulder or sling style. Our unisex Caddy makes it perfect for the whole family! Pleated deep front pocket with flapped Velcro closure easily fits a cruise ship pass (if you are on one), charge card, money, license/identification, etc. NOW with an additional hideaway interior pocket lets you store any valuable you may bring along. Size: 4 1/2” wide x 7” tall. Elastic back pouch is roomy enough so you can bring your cell phone, camera, a map and glasses. Size: 4 3/4” wide x 7” tall. Stylish and durable metal clip to hold keys. There is an additional "D" ring for the little extra you may want to clip on such as an eyeglass or pill case. Manufactured in luxurious Microfiber with a rubber backing and 100% polyester lining. Packs flat for traveling.

    About RFID blocking Credit Card Sleeve

    Credit Card sleeve will protect you from identification theft and credit card theft through RFID scanning.  Thieves can scan credit cards and ID from a distance and collect your personal information.  Credit card holder will fit all credit cards and your credit card will still slide into your wallet with the credit card sleeve on. Sleeve is made of a thin metallic barrier to prevent RFID scanning.  Holder is water resistant and tear resistant and will stand up to many travels. Dimensions of sleeve 2.5 inches by 3.5 inches, weight 1 ounce.

    About Tip Table

    Tip Table credit card size tipping chart makes it so you never have to calculate the tip in your head again -just quickly glance at the tipping chart to see how much your bill is and the tip table will tell you the tip for 15% and 20% of your check.  Tip table can save you money by calculating the correct tip every time you dine out.