Travel Clothesline Sink Stopper and Laundry Detergent Kit
Travel Clothesline Inside Cloth Bag with Velcro Strap
How to Use Velcro Strap Includes with Clothesline
Going In Style, Sink Stopper and Forever New Laundry Set
What In The Going In Style Travel Laundry Box Clothesline Kit

Going In Style, Sink Stopper and Forever New Laundry Set

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Rubber Clothesline, sink stopper and Forever New laundry detergent travel laundry kit conveniently lets you wash and dry your socks, undergarments and clothes. Simply attach your damp clothes through the rubber braiding of the clothesine - no need for clothespins.With the biodegradable laundry kit you can wash your laundry in your hotel sink, at home or while camping. Since Forever New is biodegradable you can wash your laundry while camping. About Forever New Biodegradable Laundry Detergent.

Clothesline Laundry Kit Features:

  • One Rubberized Clothesline
  • 7 Forever New Powder Soap Individual Packs
  • One Moisture Absorbing Desiccant
  • One Sink Stopper
  • One Drawstring Carry Travel Bag
New Velcro strap included with every clothesline for a convenient attachment. Make sure to secure Velcro strap well by pushing Velcro together when hanging clothesline. Hand wash your fine silk blouses and dress shirts while traveling.  When traveling it can sometimes be difficult and expensive to have your laundry washed.