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Instant travel hot water heater for your automobile! Features a power adapter plug that fits in your cigarette lighter giving you the freedom to make hot tea or coffee any time and anyplace. Your road trips will never be the same with this hot new travel accessory. Double element provides fast boiling on 12 or 24 volt (112-235W) car lighter power input.

Hot Water Car Kettle Features:

  • Flat bottom element ideal for beverages, soup, milk and babies bottles
  • Approx. 5 minutes boiling
  • Weighs under 13 ounces
  • 6 3/4" High 5 3/4" Wide (incl. handle)
  • Includes two cups
  • Style #40018

Have your afternoon tea, coffee, or hot water while in your car. Whether you are taking a road trip or want to make some quick tea while camping, the travel Car Water Heater is perfect for travel. Lightweight and easy to pack. Boil water in your car anytime and anywhere.

On The Road Hot Water Travel Auto Kettle - Take your European Hot Water kettle with you when you travel in your automobile.  This water boiler comes with two cups for added convenience. This is a fantastic on the go tea pot for camping, traveling and road trips.

Not only can you heat water for your tea and coffee, but you can heat up baby bottles, soup, milk and other beverages. The Hot Water Kettle comes with car lighter style plug. Make water in your car on long car rides, road trips and camping.

Twin voltage car water heater kettle features a flip lid for easy filling and a water indicator window. Boiling capacity is 0.5 Liters. Integrated cord tidy keeps your water kettle neat when not in use. Cable length is 63cm. Kettle includes two stacking cups so you and a friend can have hot drinks on the road.

Boiling times for all car kettles are extended due to the limited power of your vehicle's battery. For 22 volt boiling time is 14 minutes and for 12 volt boiling time is 28 minutes. DO NOT CONNECT TO CAR SOCKET BEFORE FILLING WITH WATER.

Technical Info

12V/24V Travel Kettle for cars, caravans and trucks. Water level window indicates filling capacity. Integral cord and plug storage. Weighs under 500g. Includes 2 stowaway drinking cups approx size: 17cm x 8.5cm

Important: 12v power = approx 18 minutes boiling time | 24v power = approx 10 minutes boiling time.

Boil Dry thermostat with safety fuse.


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