Kids Play Hat Sunday Afternoons
Pink Sunday Afternoons Kids Play Hat Back View with Large Oversize Neck Flap
Underside of Pink Kids Play Hat with Dark Purple Underbrim
Blonde Haired Little Girl Wearing Pink Bucket Sun Childs Play Hat While Swinging
Little Boy and Little Girl Wearing Kids Play Hat Playing In Sand at Beach Building Sand Castles
Little Girl and Little Boy Running Through Field Wearing Sunday Afternoons Kids Play Hat in Colors Pink and Blue
Three Kids on Playground Playing On Slides While Wearing Hats

Kids Play Hat Sunday Afternoons

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Best selling Kids Play Hat from Sunday Afternoons offers extreme sun protection for your little one.

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Adventure Travel Hat from Sunday Afternoons Features:

  • 2.5" - 4” downsloping brim with float-able foam core
  • Full 5.5" neck veil
  • UPF 50+ certified breathable sun rating (mesh vents not rated)
  • Weight 1.8 oz
  • Material 100% nylon, mesh panels 100% polyester
  • Style # SA114

Sunday Afternoons' unique Kids' Travel Play Hat has best selling kids' UV protection.  Kids' Playhat comes in cute, colorful, fun colors that your kids will love.  Playhat fits comfortably, dries quickly and provides full coverage for supreme sun protection.

Travel kids hat material has a 50 UPF rating to protect your child from the sun.  Material is super lightweight, water resistant and stain resistant, so if you kid likes to get dirty, the hat can withstand the dirt.  Nice, wide down slopping brim to repel sunlight and protect your child's face from sunlight glare.  Crown of the hat is intentionally oversize to promote ventilation and has mesh ventilation panels so your head stays cool on hot days.  On the back of the hat there is a great, long neck cape that protects the entire back of the child's neck.  Since the back neck cape is soft, your child can lay their head against the back of the stroller and the hat will not fall off.  Also in the back of the hat is a customized sizing strap so your child can grow with the hat.  Under the hood, Sunday Afernoons always does a dark underbrim to absorb glare from the sand and sidewalk so the sun is not bouncing into the child's eyes.

One of the best features of the Kids Play Hat is the Smart Strap safety system breakaway chinstrap technology.  Chinstrap on the Kids Play Hat will break away with 11 lbs of pressure. Going In Style Carries the Kids Playhat in three colors Cream, Pink and Blue and three sizes Baby, Child and Youth which covers ages 6 months to 12 years old.

The Kids’ Play Hat is the best investment you can make in sun protective wear for your children or grandchildren! Kids love to wear them, and parents and grandparents love knowing their little ones are staying safely sun protected during their critical childhood years. The best-selling kids’ sun hat offers unique sun protective features making it a hit everywhere the sun shines. Hat is lightweight, breathable and super comfortable to wear.

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Washing and Care Instruction for Your Kids' Play Hat

Hand wash in cold water with a mild soap.  Going In Style recommends Forever New Laundry Soap for washing your Sport Hat. Line dry or lay flat to dry.  Do not iron.

Packing Instructions

Packs flat for travel. Do not fold or crease brim.  Kids Playhat makes a great travel hat for children.

ShieldTek Water and Stain Repellent

ShieldTek delivers useful protection from weather, water, dirt, and muck that life in the outdoors guarantees to bring. Our ShieldTek creates a hydrophobic protective barrier between you and the elements. This keeps your garment dryer and cleaner longer, allowing you to extend your time outdoors while remaining comfortable. Fabrics treated with our ShieldTek technology will also dry 3-5 times faster than un-treated fabrics making them ideal for outdoor use and varying weather conditions. Help defend yourself from all of the weather, grit, and grime that nature throws at you with Splash Shield.

DermaSafe Superior Sun Protection

Sunday Afternoons DermaSafe technology represents Sunday Afternoons' line of sun protective fabrics that guarantee an Ultraviolet Protection Factor of 50+. An Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) of 50 is the highest sun protective rating possible and prevents more than 98% of all UV rays. The sun protective properties DermaSafe are created using unique fiber weaving techniques, and the incorporation of scientifically formulated, micro-bonded treatments designed to safely increase the rate of active sun protection of each of our products. These advanced technologies greatly aid in the prevention of sunburn and long-term skin damage. The UVA and UVB protective qualities of DermaSafe do not wash out, or degrade for the lifetime of the garment. Spend more time outside knowing you will stay safe and comfortable with DermaSafe fabrics. Each of our DermaSafe fabrics are independently tested and certified using industry leading and internationally accepted, AATCC TM 183-2000, UPF rating standards. We test on a continual basis and require the minimum of "excellent" UPF 50+ sun protective ratings, based on international rating systems, before a fabric can be used in any of our products. The styling of our products and shade that they provide play an extremely important role in keeping you sun protected all year long.

Wisp Featherweight Performance

Sunday Afternoons’ Wisp technology is designed with performance in mind. Wisp technology represents a line of sun protective headwear that has been specifically engineered to be as light as possible, with weights under 3.5 ounces. We accomplish this by using a variety of featherweight fabrics and materials to create headwear so lightweight that it can be worn for hours on end day after day for extreme comfort and critical protection against the sun’s rays. Wisp headwear reduces discomfort so you can spend more time enjoying outdoors and less time worrying what to wear.

FloatCore Durable Brim Floatation

Sunday Afternoons FloatCore brim technology uses optimal density closed-cell foam to create lightweight, highly flexible and durable hat brims. The featherweight FloatCore brim technology allows headwear to effectively float in fresh and salt water. Ideal for water related sports and activities like fishing, paddling, boating swimming, etc. FloatCore brims also maintain body and shape for long-term use, so your hat stays useable and looking good week after week, year after year.

SmartStrap Breakaway Safety Tension Release Chin Strap

Our Smart Strap® technology is uniquely incorporated into our popular kids’ hat designs that feature a chinstrap. The Smart Strap® system uses an adjustable toggle and breakaway clip that detaches under tension. This effectively keeps hats on heads in windy conditions but easily detach at the chinstrap in case of emergency. Infant, Baby and Child straps are sewn flat and feature an adjustable toggle so the Smart Strap® stays snug and lies flat against the chin for all day long comfort. Both the safety breakaway clip and adjustable toggle are strategically located at the sides of the head for easy to access adjustability and clipping while avoiding babies’ “drool zone” under the chin. Youth sizes continue to use Smart Strap breakaway technology but strap materials and adjustable toggle are consistent with our adult styled chinstraps. Keep your child sun protected and safe with the Smart Strap® Give the Smart Strap a good tug for your peace-of-mind, test before using.